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Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:55 pm

1.Handle with care

Ok it is going to be an emergency handle, but the fact that they have translated it as emergency door cock is very funny indeed and you need to think as to whether or not it would make you think twice about giving it a good pull. It must be very important as it is in a case and everything.

2.What seaweed?

You will instantly wonder what this flavor actually tastes like and in actual fact there is a good chance that you will not even want to know. Wang flavored seaweed is going to conjure up all kinds of thoughts in your mind, so it is perhaps not a surprise that the box is not exactly sitting empty.

3.The best

You get the feeling that something has been lost in translation here or they would not say that urinating into the pool makes you the best. The other things make sense, so it is a bit sad that they have managed to make this one single mistake that means you will not remember the other things on there, but will remember that the Chinese want you to pee in the pool.

4.Special garden

Imagine how many enquiries the tourist center is going to get for the garden with curled poo, but how impressive must it be if they have decided to even make a sign for it in the first place? What is it about this curled poo that draws people there from all over the world? Is it the size, the color, the shape? It really is a mystery.

5.Special park

You get the feeling that this park is not going to be highly rated on any travel guide unless you love a good bit of racism. What could this one actually mean? What is going to be close enough to racist that they could actually make that mistake in the first place? Perhaps it is best to just avoid the park.


At $8 a pound you really would hope that it was fresh although how they can get away with selling fresh crap is a real mystery. It is almost as if the fish is looking at the person taking the photograph trying to point out the mistake, and it is not as if it is a crab either, but how does nobody catch on that it is so, so wrong?

7.Fire extinguisher

You get the feeling that if there is a fire and if that actually is a hand grenade that something is going to go horribly wrong. You wonder how anybody can come up with such a bad translation as this because the two words are not even similar in any way, shape, or form, so how can you get to hand grenade without realizing something is wrong?


8.Special toilet

Ok we know what they mean by this sign, but it does not excuse them getting it so wrong and in such a bad way. Yes it is a disabled toilet, but the fact that they decided that the translation was special for deformed is just hilarious and you would stop and stare at it if you came across it in person.


This really is hilarious because you wonder what people are putting in their rubbish bin in China if they feel the need to add a sign warning that you have to put poisonous and evil rubbish in there. In all honesty from a distance it looks like normal rubbish has been used, but perhaps we are not seeing the full picture and the guy is dropping secret stuff in there that would scare us.


10.Bad product

Who has ever walked into a supermarket specifically to look for marinated rape? The funniest part is that it does appear to be on sale right now, so you can save some money on your rape and could perhaps stretch to get two instead of just the one. What do they actually mean by it? What does rape taste like?


With some translations you can kind of work out what it is that they are trying to say, but this one is simply impossible. Yes we understand that they like our smile, but what is it about shoes on their face? What can that actually mean? This is something that just confuses the mind and you wonder how somebody has not pointed it out to the people behind the sign that it makes no sense.


12.Don't touch

OK this is going to mean something completely different, but the idea of you being told not to touch yourself as they are going to help you out does make you wonder as to what they mean and what is it actually on and why would you then want to touch yourself? Yes we all know that it will be perfectly harmless, but it does not stop you from laughing at it.


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