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Hilarious Job Ads

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:50 pm

1.Solve Math Problem to Get Job Interview

This employer only wants the cream of the crop to work for them. Rather than put a contact number or e-mail address on the ad, they put a spin on things and posted a math problem instead. What this employer fails to realize is that anyone can ask for help with this math problem and apply for the job.

2.No Backbone Wanted

If you're looking for a job where you can express yourself, show emotion and ask for help from time-to-time, then this is not the gig you want to apply for. This employer isn't looking for a standard employee/ What this employer wants is a servant who will do whatever they want like a puppet.

3.Have A Clue Ad

This job ad is simple and to the point. Sadly, we're still trying to figure out what that point is. If you don't have a clue, then you won't get the job. Talk about having huge expectations and being vague all at the same time. I wonder if you'll get the job if you show up with the game, Clue.

4.Jobs For The Ugly

The Foxhole prides itself on being an equal opportunity place of employment. People typically want to see dancers with nice bodies and pretty faces. However, this establishment does not discriminated against the ugly people in the world. No word on whether or not the ugly dancers will have to wear masks or paper bags when they perform.

5.Surgeon with Own Tools

If a clinic doesn't have the tools to do operations, then it needs to be shut down immediately. Of course some doctors have their own bag and stethoscope, but they rely on the hospitals they work at for sterilized instruments. Something tells me that this place sells kidneys on the black market.

6.Scarecrow Job Ad

Why make a scarecrow to keep birds away from your garden, when you can just hire a human being and have them stand up like a board for long hours. This employer doesn't realize that they can get a dummy for free at a party store instead of hiring a dummy they would have to pay. One can't help but wonder what kind of training is needed to stand up straight.

7.Ninja Turtles Ad

This is one of the most clever job ads around. Rather than posting the 'job' online or on a job board, this person put it at the 'place of employment.' There is no job to be had, but if you're a Teenage Ninja Turtles fan, then you'll understand why the ad is on a sewer grate.


8.Snail Crusher Ad

Some people should not be allowed to use the internet. Any woman who takes this ad seriously is walking into a danger zone. The advertisement starts out by saying they want the women to crush snails only. But down the line, it mentions wanting women who are open-minded, which translates into "Run away from this ad unless you want to get kidnapped."

9.Experience Error Job Ad

The 'period' and 'Caps Lock' keys on someone's keyboard must be broken. This advertisement isn't logical and makes no sense because of how poorly constructed it is. There's no way any 18-year-old can have 20-years of experience unless their mom was pregnant for 2 years and they began working in the womb.


10.Self-Sacrifice Job

This Evil Genius decided to waste paper and sacrifice a tree by printing a fake job ad. This odd job advertisement is extremelyfunny and there was probably at least one person who called that number looking for a job.The great part about this job is that it's only a one-time gig.

11.Back in Time Job

Someone has been watching too many 'Back To The Future' flicks. This person needs more than an employee; he needs a miracle worker and some magic beans. For some reason, this person thought they'd be able to place an ad and actually find someone who has the power to go back in time.


12.Wanted: Employee with a record

This is what happens when you don't spell-check your work before submitting it. Good news is that this ad gives hopes to all the criminals out there trying to find a decent job. Bad news is that this hire's future passengers won't know they're being driven around by Ted Bundy.


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