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Hilarious Relatable Graphs

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 9:59 am

1.What I Think About When Waiting At The Bank

Have you ever gotten nervous when standing in line at a bank and the bank teller looks at you? Do you think that she thinks that you are a bank robber, so you try to act cool? You know you are not doing anything wrong but suddenly you're guilty of something. Maybe even thinking about it makes it a crime. Must be too much watching of the film, "Minority Report."

2.Why I Used Sunglasses On The Beach

Most every guy does this. They flip on the shades and suddenly they are incognito. They can look a girl up and down and she will never know. That's why most girls hate talking to a guy who is wearing sunglasses. We know where you're looking, so if you're not, take off your sunglasses and prove it.

3.When I Say "That's Crazy"

We all have canned responses, such as "oh really," "wow," "that's great," and "that's crazy." Most of the time, when we zone out of a conversation, we use them to act as if we heard what the other person said. The worst part is when your friend replies, "What's crazy? That my grandmother just died?"

4.Places Where Bono Can't Live

This is true. Bono says it himself. He can't live, if living is without you, but he also can't live with you. So he has to live in the intersection of which can be almost like entering the Bermuda Triangle. Many have tried to navigate that spot only to disappear in to oblivion.

5.Reasons For Having A Password On My Phone

Why do you really have a password on your phone? We all know it's true that we are more concerned over our friends grabbing our phones while we are not paying attention and screwing around with it, either posting to FaceBook, taking weird pictures, or even looking at pictures of our naked girlfriends, or boyfriends.

6.In Retail - The Customer Is Always

Yes, this couldn't be more true. If you've ever worked in retail, or with the public, you know exactly what this graph is saying. From where you're standing, the customer is hardly ever right, they are mostly wrong, and the majority of them are complete and utter arseholes. So let that be a lesson to you when you enter a store, restaurant, or business.

7.What Happens When A Guy Lends A Girl A Sweater

Girls love to steal their boyfriend's clothes. That's why some brands, such as Victoria's Secret, make styles that are called "boyfriend" jeans or sweaters. We love the way they smell like our guy, fit bigger making us feel smaller, and it gives us a reason to see them one last time if he suddenly breaks up with us.


8.Percentage Of Water Dogs Actually Drink

If you've ever owned a dog you can relate to this one. You put some fresh water into Fido's bowl, you walk away, only to return a little later to find the bowl almost empty, but most of it on the floor. We can't fault our canine friends, how neatly would we drink if we had to lap up our water with our tongues.

9.Why I Use IMDB

Most people only use IMDB to find out who played whom in a movie. We can't remember the actor's name, or the character that they played in whatever the name of that movie is. It's common and something we all do, but most likely don't admit. Is it really that big of a dirty little secret?


10.Content In Women's Magazines

Yes, it's unfortunately true. Women's magazines give us mixed messages all the time. In fact, women's magazines have a kind of split personality. On just as many pages that tell you that you're great just the way you are, there are pages that tell you how to lose weight to become a better person.

11.What I Do When I Can't Hear Someone

Judging by this graph, you probably fall into the "laugh and hope it wasn't a question" zone. The funny part is that, if you have ever had that done to you, you know they didn't hear you and then you probably don't bother to correct them, and so you nod and smile too.

12.Time Spent When You Can't Sleep

How many of us do this when we can't sleep? Our bout of insomnia seems to always occur right before a big event, or a morning that we have to be up really early. As we lay there not sleeping, some of us try to fall asleep, but the majority of us are looking at the clock and calculating how many hours sleep we will get if we nod off right then.

13.What I Learn From Group Projects

This graph is so true. Whenever you are put onto a team and everyone is gung ho about being team players, as soon as the project starts you slowly but surely go from the red zone to the green zone. Forget about the blue zone, because you will never learn to work with other people.

14.How Snooki's Book Failed

This hilarious graph shows just how many people like snooki and it seems that the same number of people also like books, but somehow the two do not intersect and they probably never will. She has her fans, but they are not the most scholarly or book smart people on the planet.


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