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Hilarious Notes And Letters

Friday, May 29, 2020, 5:54 pm

1.Fake teacher note

You have to give the kid credit for this note because they are merely trying to get out of homework and believed that they had managed to come up with an ingenious plan. However, their teacher is far too smart for all of this, but at least they saw the funny side of it.

2.Relationship ender

At least this woman put it down in writing as to why the relationship was over, but how stupid was the guy in the first place? First he was stupid to cheat, but to then leave evidence like that just shows that he is not worth the hassle.

3.Christmas spirit

You can understand the frustration that they are having with this person because who in their right mind will be playing Christmas songs at that time and in that month? That is preparing yourself a bit too much and now the neighbors want to punch the jingle bells right out of them.

4.Got you licked!

At least with this note they are giving the thief a warning that the next time the butter may not be as pristine as it should be. Will this be enough to put them off? Will they care it is covered in saliva? We will never know.

5.God like error

This kid is just showing that they are indeed a bit upset at the fact that they do not have the puppy that they were wanting. Instead, they have a crying baby brother to deal with, but surely a puppy is going to be cuter and less trouble?


6.Laundry wars

You get the feeling that there is a full blown war going on here between these two people and it will only escalate until pants and socks are being used as weapons. Clearly this letter is just the start of a scary time for everybody in this apartment block.

7.You can pay for it

This note shows that at least the person is being honest in their thoughts because they feel that the owner of the car that they hit can afford to fix it themselves. This may be true, but at least by writing this note people think that they are leaving their number when that is certainly not the case.


8.Say what you mean

This note lures you in by starting to copy the lyrics of a song before it then hits you with its very own punch line right at the very end. You can just picture the person that the note is for with them getting all happy at the start, then being called an asshat at the end just to wipe that smile back off their face.

9.Music lover

The best part about this letter is that they are having a real go at the person, but doing it in such a clever way that surely it is going to make them feel absolutely horrible about what they are doing. However, there are some people out there that will fail to see the real message here and continue to play the loud music for some time to come.


10.Shared responsibility

There is a general lack of remorse in this letter because the driver here is clearly more than willing to pass on the blame to the driver that had parked. At least they have had the courtesy of leaving a telephone number, but is it the real one?

11.Sharing with others

You can just imagine how fed up this neighbor was getting when they were able to hear somebody else having sex all of the time. It was certainly a good idea to give them a CD basically of their greatest hits and surely they would be shocked at how loud they had been?


12.Rather subtle

This note does fall into the rather subtle category and you have to admire his wife for being so creative when it comes to trying to get this Gary figure to wash the dishes. The big question is whether or not it did indeed make a difference?


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