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Hilarious Toilet Fails

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:00 pm

1.So Obvious, Right?

What were we thinking? All these years we have been cooped up in a stinky bathroom that is hard to clean, boring and hardly any fun at all. Whereas the answer had been staring us in the face all this time.

2.Marriage Toilet From Heaven

Putting an end to ongoing marital wars, the half down, half up toilet seat pleases both men and women alike. Men will still think that they are going to do it wrong and have the woman nagging them.

3.On The Cheap

Ah Who needs bathrooms when you can just sling a toilet seat outside and fertilize the grass while you are at it. This is so eco-friendly.

4.The Award Goes To 'Simple' Design

Mr Toilet Designer won many awards for his space saving bathroom designs. This ensured that there were plenty of sinks, one toilet and no door. The question is, why would so many people be washing their hands with just one toilet?

5.Blind Date Trap

In a bid to try new and interesting things this restaurant added toilets on the one side and seating on the other. This ensures any blind dates or bill skippers cannot escape through the toilet window.

6.Open or Closed?

Next time you design a toilet make sure the door is closed. Or, can close? Ugh! This is confusing. One thing that is for certain is you better not be shy if you plan on using this toilet.

7.Half Mast

Either this toilet designer was a bit off kilter with his balance proportions or was very kinky? Imagine being desperate for the loo and finding this situation staring you in the face?



Remember the days when women were charming and posed delicately for their photographs? These days they just snap them even including their drunken friend on the potty as part of the scenery.

9.Group Hug

With office space and life in general being so cramped, this could be the new toilet setting of the future. Perhaps people will feel closer having shared that 'feeling'.


10.Bikers Only

Perhaps the handlebars would help drunk bikers? Not just anyone, just bikers, you follow? However, you can just see people hanging on there making motorbike noises can't you?

11.Frustration Extreme

What is worse than no toilet paper? Paper that is there, but just not quite reachable. Ugh! The question is, what do you do in this situation?


12.Well Not So Funny

Do you ever get that feeling you are being watched? Particularly when you are peeing? This crazy toilet design certainly will add to your fears. Most of the women don't look that impressed either.


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