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Hottest Colleges In The US

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 6:59 pm

1.Fordham University

Fordham may at times feel as if it has been left behind, but it still manages to draw in a reasonable percentage of hot people to go and study there. All that is required by you is to actually put in the effort to locate them.

2.State University of New York at New Paltz

So why is this rather obscure college included? Well, what this is doing is it is showing you that at times size does not actually matter. Yes it may not be the biggest by some considerable distance, but that does not have to alter the percentage of hot people that go there just you need to have some faith that there is not a rule that you need to be classed as ugly to go there.

3.California Institute of Technology

Yes even though this may have a reputation for being a bit geeky it does not mean that it is a bad place to go. Instead, they show that geeks can be a lot of fun and hot, so you are not going to feel let down by them should you end up studying there.

4.Cornell University

Well the people at Cornell do seem to know how to party, so that alone can make it a hot college to be at. They are not afraid of letting their hair down, but then with their love of partying how are you even going to find the time to study?

5.University of Richmond

This university is quite laid back and surrounded by beautiful scenery, but that is not why you are going there and it is certainly not the reason why it is seen as being one of the hottest universities out there. Instead, the people there are very much the outdoors type and there is no doubt that when you mix that with beauty you get a good combination.

6.University of California

The thing that this university has in its favor is the sheer size because with so many you just know that there has to be a percentage of the student population that is hot. However, with so many people it is up to you to go hunting in order to find those that really do appeal to you personally.

7.Princeton University

Princeton may very well be one of those universities where just the elite go and study, but you can see that even the elite can look hot at different times. Sure you may then think that they are out of your league, in various ways, but hey it does not stop us from looking does it?


8.University of Texas at Austin

Well that is how you make a cowboy hat look sexy and right now you are probably wondering how to go and enrol at that school. The only question is whether or not you would be able to concentrate on your studies.

9.Harvard University

Ah yes, you get a different type of person at Harvard, but that is just in their character as they just look the same on the outside. As you can see there is more to it than just being a rich kid because they also know how to look good as well.


10.Georgetown University

OK so it is quite a well known name, but what is less well known about it is that it does seem to have quite a high percentage of hot people going there. It does show that you can indeed mix brains with beauty, now what is it that you want to study?

11.University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ok so it may not have a hot name, but just look at the people that go there because surely that more than makes up for it? Go on, admit it, you now have a new found faith in going to Wisconsin.


12.Johns Hopkins University

So why is this one seen as being one of the hottest colleges in the US? Well people say that they have some of the hottest pre-meds anywhere in the country and according to this photograph you can kind of see what they are talking about. At least you have something to look at when you are studying there.


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