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How Censorship Makes Things Creepy

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:41 pm

1.Just so, so wrong

This really is so wrong and there is no doubt that your mind is going to just run away with you and conjure up something that does not actually exist. That is quite scary in its own way because it is just a bottle of beer being poured over him.

2.The Pope is doing what???

Hopefully this is when the Pope was leaving and he was telling the country in question what he thought of it because if he is just landing and flipping them the bird, then it makes for a tough trip. It instantly turns him into a rock and roll Pope.

3.Opponents unite

Now even major city rivals are getting in on the act according to this image and it is made even better by the looks on their faces. It appears as if the crowd does not put them off, but of course it is actually entirely innocent.

4.Shake it all about

The one thing that stands out here is the need for goggles and you can understand why when you see how much fluid he is throwing about. He is just soaking everybody, but of course it is just a bottle of champagne.

5.Look it's just a game!!

Will somebody tell these two that it is just a game and there is no need for all of that? Surely when you play for the Miami Heat you get used to winning, so they must be exhausted with all of this going on.

6.Bill would like it

If Bill Clinton ever saw this image he would probably wish that it was true knowing him. However, it just looks creepy even though we know nothing is going on.

7.What is he shaking?

Even an innocent meeting of two people in the street can be turned nasty thanks to censorship as can be seen here. It is not helped that the black guy is looking down slightly as if he cannot believe what he is seeing.


8.Is he giving the finger?

This is the British Prime Minster David Cameron and it appears as if he has forgotten about his posh roots and instead is flipping somebody the bird. The funny thing is that he would probably be liked more if he did do this kind of thing.

9.Was the goal that good?

Well these two Manchester United players seem to be celebrating in their own way, but surely this thing is not allowed? OK it is just the angle as they were both doing their own thing, but by censoring it you do get creeped out.


10.Batman & Robin...the censored version

Here we thought the tight outfits were all part of the series, but instead it appears to be the case that they are of a sexual nature and that changes our opinion of the entire show. How are we supposed to concentrate on their crime fighting when we know this goes on?

11.This isn't MMA??

Is this move allowed in MMA? That is the question that you are asking yourself here when you censor this particular part of the shot. Who wins in this situation? Perhaps we are best not to know.


12.Is this appropriate?

Well when you blur out just his hands it does give this photograph a completely different feel about it. You do start to feel a bit creeped out by what you think you are seeing, but of course it is entirely innocent, isn't it?


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