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Incredible Architectural Illusions

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3:26 pm

1.Is it sinking?

Well is this house actually sinking or is it just playing with your mind and making you think that all on your own? There is no doubt that it is using angles and what is around it brilliantly and you just look at this building and feel that if you were inside you would slide down a slope and be unable to stand up.

2.One wall?

This house is in Odessa and when you look at it you think that it is just a single wall and you wonder how on earth that can be plausible. However, it is all a trick because clearly the house is bigger than that or else how could anybody live in there?

3.Are they straight?

When you look at this do you see straight lines or are they at an angle? This is a very well known optical illusion, but for an architect to then include it in the design of a building is certainly very different indeed. You have to say that it is very effective at what it does.

4.3D house

OK so how crazy is this house? You have to say that it does completely alter your perception of what is going on as it plays with your mind and the angles that you are looking at it from. This house always seems to be popping out at you, but it is all a trick.

5.Upside down house

While there is not much of an illusion on the outside the same cannot be said for the inside of this upside down house. Instead, you lose track of whether you are standing upright or not and in all honesty you will get a sore head from being in here.


OK admit it. You are sitting looking at this image just waiting for this tower to fall over. However, there is no chance of it doing that as it is simply a case of the architect playing with angles and you have to say that they have done a fantastic job of doing so.

7.What the???

OK so this one has to be playing with your mind and eyes at the same time because there is no way that your brain can instantly make sense of all of this. You have to admire the architect who dreamt it up because they are using simple techniques to create a wonderful effect.


8.B.E.L.T Bank building

This building is absolutely brilliant at an optical illusion even if you are unable to see it at this moment in time. Instead, you would need to visit it and walk past because you would swear that you were in a parallel universe.

9.Penrose staircase

This staircase is seen as being a prime modern example of a paradoxical optical illusion. You are looking down from the top, but you cannot help but end up getting rather confused as to what is going on here with the stairs because are some pointing up and others pointing down?



What this shows is that architects were getting up to all kinds of things even when you go back hundreds or even thousands of years ago. One of the best ways in which we can still see this is via mosaics because they will often have different patterns that completely fool your eye.

11.Warped building

You have to say that this is going to play with your mind because how is this house actually able to stand at all? It just seems to defy physics with how it is constructed, but then you know it is safe and it actually shows just how clever the architect is at their job.


12.Melting building

This building was designed by Peter Delavie and you will find it in France. It does actually look like this even though you probably thought that it was going to be something that had been altered by a camera, so imagine how you would feel if you saw it in real life? By the way it is using tarpaulins.


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