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Inventions That A Girl Needs

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 12:32 pm

1.A robot bra

Imagine a robot bra that adjusts to fit you perfectly even if you put on weight or lose some. It would make it the most comfortable bra to have ever been invented and every woman in the world would want one.

2.Special apps

There should be different apps that pick out the people that are single, those without any baggage, and also those that are not idiots. It would help stop a lot of heartache if this did exist because they would then know that the guy was the right one for them from the outset.

3.Your favorite foods with no calories

Imagine a world where your favorite foods had no calories, so you could eat as much as you like and not suffer from doing so. A word of zero calorie Nutella would probably lead to it becoming the biggest selling product on the planet.

4.Keeping your skirt down

Surely there should be some invention that makes sure that your skirt or dress cannot blow up when a gust of wind hits it? It would save a lot of wrestling throughout the day as well as save a lot of potential embarrassing moments from happening.

5.A catcaller force field

Cat callers are annoying, so it would be amazing if there was some kind of force field that could be switched on to stop it from happening. Some women would just never have this thing off at any point, such would be the power of it and its usefulness.

6.Clothes that remove their own stains

How cool would it be if there were clothes that managed to remove their own stains no matter what they were? It would save on so much washing as well as a lot of swearing when you battle away trying to get that last mark out.

7.Comfortable work outfits

Women want to look good at work, but at the same time they would love things to be comfortable as if they were in their favorite yoga pants. Surely a designer can come up with something that just works with all of this?


8.Clothes that are the right size

The sizing of clothing is just so strange and difficult for women and they would love a system to be invented where they knew that if it said it was a certain size that it would fit them. Imagine the amount of time that would be saved and how much guys would love this invention as well.

9.Flexible hair products

Women would love to have hair products that allowed them to go from straight to curly hair basically by clicking their fingers. It would just make life so much easier for them to do this and of course cut down on the time spent working on their hair as well.


10.Tights that cannot be ripped

Women would fall over themselves to own a pair of tights that could not be ripped because how many pairs have their destroyed by digging their nails into them and pulling too hard? It would not matter how much they cost as long as they were available as they would sell in huge numbers.

11.Changing eyeshadow

They have to put different colors of eyeshadow on depending on the light levels, so how cool would it be if the eyeshadow changed color automatically like a chameleon? It would save so much hassle in the process and would make sure that they always felt as if they were wearing the right thing.


12.Shampoo that works for months

Women have a habit of washing their hair at least 5 times a day, so would it not be better if there was some kind of shampoo that allowed them to wash their hair just once a month and it was always perfect? How much of that shampoo would be sold in just a single day?

13.Earrings that stay together

How often does a girl manage to lose one earring? Surely it would be better if there was some way that it was impossible for them to be too far apart so you could never lose one again, unless you lose both of course.

14.Kale that tastes like oreos

How cool would it be if you could eat your favorite snacks and they had the same nutritional value as something like kale? You would never feel bad with eating them ever again and could stuff your face full and enjoy it all.

15.Once a year birth control

So you do not want to have children, but still want to have fun with your partner, so is it not a bit of a pain taking birth control pills all of the time? Surely medicine can come up with a once a year pill that solves everything?

16.Adjustable Shirts

We all know that cleavage is required at different times, but you need to think about what to wear in order to show off the correct amount for that time. Life would be so much easier if there was a shirt that adjusted all on its own to show off the correct amount for the look you are trying to achieve. Check out this amazing Momma Bear shirt.

17.Panties that are comfy, but with no panty lines

So girls are always wanting to find comfy panties, but there seems to be an issue with the most comfortable ones also showing a panty line. How come designers have never been able to come up with something that works for this?

18.Necklaces that do not get tangled up

It would be amazing to have a necklace that does not manage to tangle itself up when it is sitting in the box. How on earth can they be laid in perfectly to then end up in a mess when you go to wear them again? It just does not make any sense whatsoever.

19.Rain shoes that are pretty

Quite often girls will look at shoes that are for bad weather and feel that they are horrible. Is it beyond designers to come up with some that actually look really nice when wearing them?

20.Makeup that does not smudge

We know that girls love makeup, but they get annoyed at the way that things run and get smudged, so would it not be better if there was makeup that did not do this? You would think that somebody could have resolved this problem by now though.

21.Shrinking jeans

Keeping to the fashion theme, how about jeans that go to the correct length depending on the look that you are hoping to achieve? This would reduce so much stress instantly and would make their wardrobe so much easier to organize as well.

22.Adjustable heels

So women love shoes as they say they need different ones for different outfits, so would it not make sense to invent ones that change height depending on the outfit. This would make them multi-purpose and make life so much easier for them.

23.Calorie burning pizza

To be honest it is not only girls that need this invention because guys would love it as well. Imagine if there was a pizza that was capable of burning calories while you eat it? How cool would that be and how good would it be for your waistline?

24.Nail polish that does stay on

Girls have been hunting for that perfect nail polish that just does not chip and stays on for weeks for decades, but with no success. They need this to be manufactured to stop them from spending what feels like days each week trying to get them to look nice.


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