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15 Women Reveal Why They Avoid Sex With Their Partner

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 1:30 pm

Without sex, life is incomplete. Sex also keeps a relationship healthy and satisfying. If one of the partners is bad at sex, the other one loses interest in the relationship no matter how good and lovable the person is. For some reasons, people avoid those 'good times' in bed. Men do it. Women do it. Everyone does it. They have their reasons. Here, we have fifteen women who revealed why they avoid sex with their partner. These reasons are good enough to be 'hints' if you are willing to catch some!
13.Fitness Problems

As you already know, sex can be very exhausting. People who work a stressful day job find it very difficult to engage in sexual activity at the end of the day. They prefer sleeping instead. The lady here should have talked to her boyfriend about the issue. A good relationship is all about being open and frank. 

Fitness Problems-15 Women Reveal Why They Avoid Sex With Their Partner

14.'Big Package' Problems

Big is not always better when it comes to a man's package. Big penis hurts women. They may enjoy it during the intercourse, but they regret it in the next morning. Their privates need more time to recover from tissue damage. Most men want a big penis. However, women prefer bigger in girth (circumference), not length. 

'Big Package' Problems -15 Women Reveal Why They Avoid Sex With Their Partner

15.That's Awkward

The couple isn't ready for a relationship yet. Are they? Sex is most enjoyable when there's an emotional bond between two people. When there's no such bond, people have a hard time telling what they really want from their partner. Result? They just live in a pointless relationship. 

That's Awkward-15 Women Reveal Why They Avoid Sex With Their Partner


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