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Little Known Things About Rio De Janeiro's Carnival

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 12:09 pm


Considering she is near enough naked it says a lot that the front girl for the Brazilian TV station Globo TV was the same girl for 14 years. Valeria Valenssa ended up becoming her very own phenomenon and certainly built up her fan base due to her dancing in the smallest of costumes during carnival.

2.King Momo

It all starts with a ceremony where the Mayor hands over the keys to King Momo. He is a larger than life character that symbolizes everything about carnival and without him there really is no party.

3.On the streets

It is estimated that there are more than two million people on the streets every single day during carnival. They are surrounded by music and dancing everywhere they go and it is immediately clear as to why it is seen as being the biggest part in the world.


When it comes to the number of performers that take part in the main parade, then most years will see that number totaling more than 3000. It does explain why it takes so long for the parade to go through.


Brazilians love their dogs and when it comes to carnival there is even a place where they can be dressed up and shown off to the world. For some that is taking things a bit too far, but for others it just ties in with the overall feeling of fun.

6.Helping the job market

Due to the influx of people into the city, the carnival generates more than 250,000 extra jobs. That in itself ends up really boosting the local economy as there is so much extra cash floating around the city and of course it gets that boost every single year.

7.The money it makes

It is believed that this party generates in the region of $600 million for the local economy due to hotels being fully booked and people just having a good time in the bars. That is pretty amazing, but then you do have more than one million people turning up in the city just for carnival.


8.The cost

They talk about schools, which are basically areas of the city, taking part in the parade, but the cost is just unbelievable. Some schools can over $3 million preparing their parade and trying to win the title and when you consider they are often form the poor areas you can see how it is quite shocking.

9.Cross dressing

It is quite acceptable, and indeed it is encouraged, for guys to cross dress during carnival. It is just a way of them letting their hair down and being able to just laugh and have a good time.


10.You cannot be naked

This one surprises people, but if a performer is naked in any way during the parade, then they are penalized. Yes the outfits may be smaller and smaller, but you will never see them going the whole way at any point as winning is far more important to them.

11.It's beginnings

People often do not realize that the earliest recorded carnival in Rio actually goes back as far as 1723. Clearly times have changed since then and it has evolved so much that you would not be able to recognize it if you compared it to its origins.



One of the things that people know about this carnival is that women tend to wear very small bikinis. However, that was not always the case and the bikini only started to appear in the parades from the late 50s.


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