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Longest Cars In The World

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 4:59 pm

1.Rolls Royce Ghost

This car just oozes class and there is no way that you cannot look at it and just drool at the prospect of driving it. This particular Rolls Royce may measure 212.6 inches long, but it is only the third longest car that they make and in this case it has to be said that big is indeed better.

2.Ssangyong Chairman W

This car is another surprise inclusion in the list because a lot of people will not have even heard of Ssangyong never mind the fact that they produce one of the longest cars in the world. This particular limousine measures 213 inches long and it is surprisingly well built, so for a cheaper limousine this is certainly something to consider.

3.Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe

First of all how cool is this car? Imagine how amazing it would be to drive a drop top Rolls Royce. This vehicle is large and imposing, but at the same time it also just seeps luxury and you forget that you are actually driving something that is 220.8 inches long. Anyway, if you owned one would you be worried about the length?

4.Ford Expedition EL

Apart from a pick up truck, this is the longest vehicle that Ford makes because it measures in at 221.3 inches long. It also has serious bulk all over and the amount of room inside is unbelievable. This vehicle is exceptionally well made, but just remember how much gas you are going to go through with driving something so big.

5.Chevrolet Suburban

This Chevrolet is right up there with some of the biggest cars in the world as you can see here. The vehicle is 222.4 inches long, but it is absolutely massive all over and you are really going to be dominating the road if you drive one of these.

6.Cadillac Escalade ESV

This is another prime example of how big an SUV can actually be because this model from Cadillac is 229.9 inches long. This is of course a bulky vehicle as you can see with the height and just sheer size of it all, so this really is one massive vehicle to own.

7.Lincoln Navigator L

You automatically know that an SUV is going to be huge and this Lincoln Navigator is no exception. It measures 223.3 inches long, but of course there is also the height and the width to deal with not to mention the weight in the entire vehicle. This is one big car to drive and only do so if you are confident in your ability.


8.Maybach 57

This is another Maybach and it is only slightly shorter than its big brother as this one measures in at 225.5 inches long. It is still crammed full of luxury and it is still the exact same in that it is all about relaxing as much as possible in the back and allowing somebody else to go and do the driving on your part.

9.Rolls Royce Phantom 2013

The Rolls Royce has always been known as a car that is the ultimate in luxury, but it has also been known as quite a big car throughout the decades. However, none have been as long as the extended wheelbase 2013 version of the Phantom because that comes in at 239.8 inches and you have to admit that this is one long car.


10.Toyota Century Royal

This is probably a bit of a surprise having a Toyota included in this list, but at 242.3 inches it is only slightly shorter than the Maybach. It has certainly improved on its styling in recent years as it now looks a bit less like a box, but you are not going to really see a lot of people being driven around in this car as it is not what you ultimately think when you look at a limousine.

11.Maybach 62

The Maybach 62 is just full of luxury and it is also the longest car, as pick ups are not included here, to have ever been made. It measures an amazing 242.7 inches long, but in that you have so much luxury and anyway you will not be driving it as surely that is going to be the job for your staff?

12.100ft limo

Yes this limo actually is 100ft long, but you have to admit that it does look rather stupid and how difficult would it be to drive? This is just something done in excess and yes that actually is a helicopter on the back, so that must be so the driver can fly to the front of the car as it would be quicker that way.


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