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McDonald's Items Not Available In The U.S.

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:37 am

1.Camembert Premiere - Found In France

Camembert Premiere is found at McDonald's in France. Yes, these look like deep fried cheese sticks, and they are, but they use the french cheese, Camembert, which has a soft, creamy texture, to give it that authentic French taste. Oooey and gooey, salty and crispy, a real taste sensation that only France can give us.

2.Poutine - Found In Canada

Poutine is french fries smothered in cheese curds and then topped with warm brown gravy. You can get it at McDonald's in Canada. Yep, a short trip over the border for some of you just to sink your teeth into these fries. We're all familiar with fries topped with cheese and maybe even gravy, but the curd is what's interesting here.

3.Kiwi Burger - Found In New Zealand

A little New Zealand flair is added to the McDonald's cheeseburger. When you order one out there, you not only get a burger with cheese, you also get lettuce and tomato. So far sounds like a typical fast food burger, but then you bite into it, you sink your teeth into a fried egg and some beetroot as well.

4.Deluxe Brekkie Roll - Found In Australia

Brekkie must be short for breakfast in Australia, or at least at McDonald's in Australia. When you wake up hungry you may order a Deluxe Brekkie Roll, which is a poached egg with cheese, bacon and sausage, topped with spicy tomato sauce and served on a french roll. Sounds delicious.

5.Greek Mac - Found In Greece

Forget about the Big Mac, when in Greece, go for the Greek Mac. You get two beef patties, smothered in tzatziki sauce, with lettuce and tomato, and served on a pita. Actually sounds a lot healthier than the Big Mac, and tastier as well. McDonald's and tzatziki, now that's different.

6.Brie Nuggets - Found In Russia

Forget about Mozzarella sticks, how about some Brie Nuggets? Well if you're in Russia and crave McDonald's for lunch or dinner, try some of these. They actually look really good, and you can probably bet they are a lot tastier than mozzarella sticks, because isn't brie much more flavorful than mozzarella?

7.McAloo Tikki Burger - Found In India

This McAloo Tikki Burger is found in McDonald's in India. Made with a potato and chick pea patty, tomatoes, onions and tomato mayonnaise are added to make it one heck of a special sandwich. Now if this was Burger King, you could say, hold the tomato mayo, because they make it your way.


8.Seaweed Shaker Fries - Found In Asia

It's hard to go to McDonald's and not order fries. They are a favorite not only in America, but in most countries too, but in Asia you get a packet of seaweed seasoning spice to add to your fries. Add a lot or add a little, it's your choice. And, you get to chose your flavor.

9.McRice Burger - Found In The Philippines

This seems a lot better than the bleached white flour buns we get in America. In the Philippines you get sticky rice patties to hold your burger or chicken. Kind of like a beef or chicken sushi roll, a meat patty, with all the toppings, is placed between two sticky rice patties, topped with white and back sesame seeds.


10.Prosperity Burger - Found in Malaysia

When you go to Malaysia and feel like McDonald's for lunch, don't just order a burger, order the Prosperity Burger. It's a beef of chicken patty topped with onions and then a black pepper sauce. Not that it will bring prosperity to your life, but it probably feels that while you're eating it.

11.Chocolate And Orange Pie - Found In Asia

You think that the apple pie at McDonald's is a guilty pleasure? Well, you've probably never tried the Chocolate and Orange Pie at McDonald's in Asia. It's made like the deep fried apple pie, only this one is filled with orange flavored chocolate. A taste sensation with an Asian flair.


12.Korokke Burger - Found In Japan

The Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder are not always the only favorites at McDonalds. If you go to other countries you will find items on their menus that you've never seen in the United States, such as the Karokke Burger. The fried potato patty with cabbage and teriyaki sauce is found in McDonalds in Japan.


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