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Meet Chuck Norris's Wife And Kids

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:36 am

1.Riding an ostrich

A pedal car is just too boring for the child of Chuck Norris because they would rather ride on an ostrich over and above anything else. They get to feel the speed that they can go at and it is just far more natural as well.

2.Giving a massage

How tough is this woman that she is giving a massage to a lion? At what point in your life do you start to think that this is a great idea and is something that you really should consider doing?

3.Just playing with lions

Yep this kid is indeed just playing with a lion cub, but even at that size it could still cause her a lot of damage. This shows how tough his kids are when they are not even phased by something this size and this powerful.

4.Cuddling alligators?

The wife of Chuck Norris would have to be a bit crazy and what better way to show how crazy she is than by looking at a woman cuddling an alligator. At what point do you start to see this as a good idea? Surely it is heavy never mind dangerous?

5.Just carrying a snake around

This kid is just carrying this massive snake around as if it is a daily occurrence. However, the thing is that it probably is just that and he is not phased by it at all.

6.Kissing snakes

Yep the wife of Chuck Norris would have no fears whatsoever about kissing snakes because clearly she would have no fear about anything in this entire world. No snake would be too big or too deadly for her and her kisses.

7.Nice pussycat

Right from an early age, the child of Chuck Norris had an unusual upbringing with a leopard as a pet. What happened to having a smaller cat called Tinkerbell?


8.Just playing with the elephants

Playing with a dog is not enough for the child of Chuck Norris. Instead, it is elephants that is their pet of choice and they loved it that much that they got several of them.

9.Riding the alligator

Clearly riding a bicycle was too boring, so riding the alligator was seen as being much more fun. They certainly know how to be different when it comes to pets.


10.The family cat

Yep a normal cat is not enough for Chuck Norris and his family, so instead they need to have a lion around the house to make them feel at home. But how does it use the litter tray?

11.A real snake for dinner

Yeah you can keep that baby food and just give me a real life snake to snack on for a little tough kid like me. The fact that it can still be alive just makes it taste that little bit better.


12.Who cares about a bear?

Yep who cares about a bear when you have a massive snake around you instead? This is what a real tough kid should be owning and only those with Chuck Norris genes are brave enough.


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