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Meet Ra Paulette: A Cavedigger

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:12 pm

Meet Ra Paulette, a man who dedicated his life in creating beautiful sculptures inside mountain caves. He is an American cave sculptor based in New Mexico. He isolated himself from the world for the past 25 years or so, only to carve and create artistic spaces into hillsides and inside sandstone buttes. Check some of the images of his splendid artwork, and get to know how he turns nature into art.
10.He Compares His Work to Dance

He is a highly passionate and motivated person. He seeks pleasure in working. He believes in perfection and completeness. In an interview, he compared his work to dance. "I'm fond of calling this "the dance of digging", and it is the secret of how this old man can get so much done," He said.

He Compares His Work to Dance-Meet Ra Paulette: A Cavedigger

11.Lots of People Around the World Visit His Caves

He is very popular than what many people might think. Thanks to the documentary movie 'Cavedigger'; his talent and efforts are recognized by many people throughout the world. After they came to know about Ra Paulette, people are visiting the caves to experience his breathtaking artwork in real life. 

Lots of People Around the World Visit His Caves-Meet Ra Paulette: A Cavedigger

12.Ideal Places to Read, Write and Meditate

These caves are often dubbed as best places to pray, meditate, read, write or simply spend time in a highly peaceful and tranquil environment. Several people who visited the caves expressed deep satisfaction over what they have seen there. Some of them even described his artwork as 'eighth wonder of the world'.

Ideal Places to Read, Write and Meditate-Meet Ra Paulette: A Cavedigger

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