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Mind Blowing Secrets About Apple That You Don't Know

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 9:25 am


Itunes has been seen as being a major catalyst in so many of the independent record shops closing in recent years. They have made music cheaper and the only way that so many musicians can be heard is by being on there, so there are not as many albums being sold in shops.

2.Conflict minerals

Apple products contain cobalt and the problem here is that it is mined in war conditions in the Congo. They are not alone in doing this, but it is such an integral part of their products that they are willing to continue to exploit that resource for as long as possible.

3.How much they earn

Apple earns $300,000 every single minute, so you can see how they end up with so much cash in the bank. They are the biggest electronics company in the world and you can understand why when they have $150 billion in cash in the bank.

4.2012 sales

The iPhone sold an amazing 340,000 units every single day in 2012 and that really is an absolutely mindboggling amount. You can see how it puts them way above their competition because who can possibly compete with that?

5.Their markup

We all know that companies need to mark up the prices in order to make a profit, but did you know how much Apple tends to mark up their products? The industry average is around 30%, but Apple are known to be at just under 50%, but they still sell in huge numbers.

6.A calculator started it off

The 3 founders of Apple did not have enough money to get started, so Wozniak sold his scientific calculator for $500. This, along with Jobs selling his Volkswagen van, gave them enough money to start their business.

7.The logo

OK so we all know that the Apple logo is of course an Apple, but that was not their first logo. Instead, they had Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree just waiting to be hit on the head with one, but clearly the modern version is a lot easier to draw.


8.A packaging design room

Apple put so much effort into their packaging that they actually have a room set up in their headquarters that is dedicated to testing packages to get the right response from customers. They work on every aspect of it in the hope that the person loves the product from the moment they get their hands on it.

9.Chinese labor

Apple have their products made in China and in factories that offer some of the lowest wages you could ever hope to see. They do this to keep the price down as the different parts are actually some of the most expensive out there, so they have to make savings somewhere resulting in a worker earning under $25 for working 12 hours.


10.The Mackintosh name

So have you ever wondered about where the Mackintosh name comes from? In actual fact it is purely because the Mackintosh was the favorite apple of Jef Raskin and no other reason.

11.They only use air freight

You would think that with the amount of products that they need to move around that they would use sea freight so they could do more at the one time, but they do not. Instead, they use Cathay Pacific to fly it everywhere with Apple being their biggest customer.


12.Satanic prices

The very first computer that they ever produced had a strange price tag since it was put on sale at $666.66. However, they apparently did not realize this as they were merely going for a figure that was one third over $500 and thought that it would be easier to type.


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