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More Of Ridiculous IPhone Cases

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 9:51 am

1.Something fishy

Well there is certainly something very fishy going on here with this case and the fishiest thing is why anybody would want to have this as a case in the first place. Not only is it due to it being fish, but the eyes on that fish are freaky.

2.Ice on it??

Yes this is actually a case where it looks as if you have some kind of ice-lolly on it. Is this actually something that you would want to walk around with? It just looks as if it has frozen onto it and you are waiting for it to melt in order to remove it.

3.The bottom of an animal??

You have to seriously question the sanity of the person that designed this case because it is just one of the most useless things you will ever see in your life. Those legs re just going to get in the way and that bell is another thing that will just drive you insane.

4.Your booty will hang up

If you walk around with this case and people see it do not be surprised if they no longer bother to actually give you a call. Instead, they would be too ashamed to actually be the person on the other end of that phone.

5.Sparkly pony

The problem with this case is that it is far too sparkly for its own good. The scary part is that some people will pay a fortune to buy a case like this and you have to question their sanity when doing so.


If you think of an iPhone case based on a Transformer and you are a geek, then you may think that it is a pretty cool idea. However, just look at it and say that you feel it is something that you would love to own. Let's be honest here it is far too big and bulky to be of any use whatsoever.

7.The weapon

Is this even legal? Who even sat there and thought that this would be a good idea? It is just absolute madness to consider combining a weapon with an iPhone case. What is wrong with these people?


8.The broken skateboard

Well this case just looks useless because yes ok you might argue it could be quite cool due to being a skateboard, but on the other hand those wheels are going to be seriously annoying. Imagine walking around with them hanging out of your pocket and how annoying it would be.

9.The bath case

Surely this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to most sane people because why would you want to walk around with this attached to your iPhone? You have to remember that for most people this phone is their pride and joy, but this case can ruin that in an instant.


10.The gun

Yes this makes a lot of sense because here we are with a gun shaped case and imagine walking around with this sticking out of your back pocket. You would need to be mad to go ahead and buy this particular one.

11.The shoe holder

Oh yes every woman has looked at her iPhone and wished that it was on her shoe. That has to be the inspiration for this case because it just does not make any sense whatsoever and would you even think about going ahead and buying this crazy looking thing?


12.The lobster

At what point do you find yourself giving this type of case some serious consideration? How on earth is this going to get in your pocket and what will you feel like walking around talking to someone and having a big red lobster in your hand?


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