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Most Amazing Paper Sculptures

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 10:43 am


Teach the kids to dance and you can show them the world. In this beautiful piece depicting a child native letting loose and telling the gods what's what. Rocking the double Mohawk, this kid isn't wasting any time exorcising his demons. We see here some of where Jim Morrison may have gotten his inspiration.


The unknown soldier has made his mark across the world. What is obviously a Vietnam era combat soldier making his way through the jungle, you can almost hear the Credence Clearwater Revival playing in the background. This piece certainly captures the loneliness a soldier feels in the heat of battle.

3.Chief Big Horns

The native warrior was one of honor and fierceness. This historic piece shows the warrior running down what could be an enemy combatant or a great beast fit for tribal dinner. The great detail here actually captures the concentration a tribesman would have chasing down its prey.

4.Dragon Tails

There seems to be great symbolism behind this flavor of ancient art. The Phoenix rising from the ashes is a metaphor that has paved it's way through the test of time. The story resonates so well with people. Only this one goes even deeper with its hero rising from the ashes of paradise.

5.Piano Man

What better way to write and sing a song then with a four legged friend near your feet to give you some nice feedback. The struggle of writing a great piece of music is incapsulated by this wonderful showing of skillful paper design. It's great to see an artist who can get their perspective right.

6.Golden Gate Bridge

Which bridge is it? Can you guess? That's the fun of it, not quite knowing for sure. Is it in San Francisco or Tokyo that this artist so skillfully whisks you off to? This piece almost gives the sense that you can climb those sky high beams to the sun. Never underestimate the power of imagination.


Get your passport ready for this one because its taking you all over the world. With a bunch of the great sites from all over the world, this piece of paper sculpture sends the mind on a great journey. Bounce from the Big Apples Statue of Liberty to the Tower of London, all the way over to ancient Egypt.


8.Running Man

This piece truly is a surreal one with the way it gives you the sense of being lost in a place of nothingness. From the mixture and blending of solid and frayed parts to the dream like state of a shaman dancing in the rain, you really appreciate the ride an artist can take you on.

9.Little Chief

This gravity defying piece exemplifies the way an artist can get precise. This young native child looks lost in the innocence of a much simpler world. You really get a feel for the breezy air that has their frayed skin frocks flowing. The paper grass on the ground gives a great sense of the itch you might feel falling through that briskly brush.


10.Wolf Fight Eagle

This is the kind of scene that can light up the screen. The daring bird beast tries to take the goods of the tempestuous land wolf. You know that ain't going down with out a fight. The way the artist was able to show such great detail of the birds feathers and the wolfs fur make you think you are right there on the scene.


To be able to capture the old west has been the desire of many people with the love of the land and the history of the people. This marvelous piece manages to give all sorts of depth, both height and width, and also tragic story of a land fought to death over, to just some paper. Art is amazing.


12.City LIfe

Who knew that paper sculpture could capture such depth and detail that would make the classic artists jealous. This fantastic piece appears to have a city falling under the ocean. Perhaps it is a piece of prophecy letting us know of things to come. Wacky beautiful art or that of Nostradamus, either way this thing looks great!


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