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15 Most Bizarre Sand Art Sculptures Ever Created

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:09 am

Remember building sand castles at beach using those sand castle buckets? These bizarre sand art sculptures are similar to those that we used to build, but with greater size, precision and detail. This is called sand art. There are some hundreds of extremely talented sand artists around the world. They can make unbelievably realistic sand sculptures! They use nothing more than sand they find on beach, and a few tools. Check these fifteen interesting yet bizarre sand art sculptures that make you say 'wow'! 

#9 Awesome Sand Horse Sculpture

Wait a minute, is it a real horse or a sand art of horse. It is really amazing this sand horse is totally looking like a real horse that belongs to a rich family as it is relaxing on a beach. It will confuse everybody as it confused me. I guess this artist showed his animal love in his art.

Awesome Sand Horse Sculpture-15 Most Bizarre Sand Art Sculptures Ever Created


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