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Most Evil Inhumane U.S. Government Experiments On People

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 9:24 am


Over 400 black share croppers, who had syphillis, were recruited in Tuskegee, Alabama to be used in a study to examine the progression of disease. Beginning in 1932, these black men were never told that they had syphillis, instead they were left to suffer the symptoms as they were being studied. In 1947, when penicillin was found to be the cure, these men were never told and the study continued for thirty more years.

2.Fallout Radiation

In 1954, the United States secretly tested bombs in the Pacific, following the devastation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Castle Bravo was one of those bomb that happened to be the most powerful nuclear device that the country had ever detonated. Unexpectedly, the wind blew fallout from the blast over nearby islands, causing residents to come down with radiation sickness and babies were born with birth defects. Other children developed thyroid cancer and neoplasms down the road.

3.Operation Midnight Climax

Operation Midnight Climax revolved around safe houses built to study the effects of LSD on unsuspecting individuals. The safe houses were disguised as brothels, one in New York and one in San Francisco. Once inside, instead of giving them sex they were given doses of LSD and marijuana. The officials running the experiment sat behind two-way mirrors to watch how it played out.

4.Extreme Radiation to Black Cancer Patients

During the '60's it wasn't great to be a poor, African-American with cancer. While they were told they were receiving cancer treatment they were receiving radiation levels that were about equivalent to 7500 x-rays. This caused intense pain, bleeding from their ears and nose, and vomiting. Twenty of the patients died as a result.

5.Infecting Puerto Rico With Cancer

In one of the more horrific experiments of the last century, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads infected the Puerto Rican people with cancer cells. Of those people, thirteen of them died. What's despicable is that the project was funded by the Rockefeller Institute. Dr. Cornelius Rhoads later became Vice President of the American Cancer Society and also received a seat on the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

6.Operation Paper Clip

Nazi scientists from Germany were recruited after World War II, collected like trophies from the war. These scientists were the same ones who killed people in concentration camps and tried to weaponize the bubonic plague. They were convicted war criminals who were now rewarded for their horrific crimes and allowed to live the American Dream.

7.Injecting Prisoners With Agent Orange

Seems the U.S. Government liked to experiment on prisoners. Dr. Albert Kligman injected Agent Orange into the arms of prisoners and also exposed their skin to the dioxidin. This was apparently done for testing purposes. The prisoners suffered painful skin eruptions and pustules all over their bodies, including their groins. It as later found out that the doctor injected 468 times the amount that he was authorized to.


8.Manhattan Project

As part of the Manhattan Project, where Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by an atomic bomb, U.S. scientists began testing the effects of plutonium by injecting it into eighteen unsuspecting patients. Only five of those patients, known only by code names, lived longer than twenty years post injection. As if that weren't enough, in Massachusetts eleven patients were injected with uranium and this was funded by the Manhattan Project.

9.STD Infection Injections

In order to test out penicillin as a cure for spyphillis, the U.S. Government decided to infect Guatamalan citizens with the disease in the 1940's. Injecting prostitutes with the disease, they let them loose on unsuspecting prisoners, as well as insane asylum patients and soldiers. To speed up the process, they poured the bacteria directly onto men's penises and on their faces and forearms, sometimes injecting it directly into their spines.


10.deadly Chemical Sprays

During the mid 20th century the U.S. Government via the U.S. Army and CIA, conducted air strikes, literally poisoning people from above by dropping chemicals from the sky. The CIA caused a whooping cough epidemic in Tampa Bay, killing 12people, the Navy killed many people in San Francisco by releasing bacterial pathogens that caused pneumonia, the Army released millions os mosquitos in Savanah, GA and Avon Park, FL causing typhoid fever, yellow fever and still born children.

11.Involuntary Surgery Monsters

During World War II, Dr. Shiro Ishii, head of medicine for Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese army, conducted horrible experiments on human prisoners. Tens of thousands of these helpless people suffered surgery without anesthesia so he could study living human bodies. Then he would induce heart attacks, strokes, and many horrific ailments, killing the patients. He was granted immunity by the U.S. Government when he was arrested and made a deal to exchange germ warfare data for his freedom.


12.MKULTRA Mind Control

MKULTRA was a project ran by the CIA through Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, whereby his patients who came in for psychotherapy for mental ailments such as depression or bi-polar disorder, were give a life altering treatment. Patients were put into a drug induced coma and then brainwashed through recordings.


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