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Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:06 am

1.Original Mai Tai - $1,267

When in Ireland you've got to have a cocktail. If you're feeling open pocketed, you might try the $1,267 Original Mai Tai served at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast. If you order this drink you are treated to the rare Trader Vic's Jamaican rum, of which the Merchant Hotel owns one of only six existing bottles. They are the only bar serving this cocktail with this liquor.

2.Ritz-Paris Sidecar - $1,670

If you're ever in Paris, France and want to drop $1,670 for a cocktail, sidle up to the bar at Bar Hemingway at the Ritz-Carlton and order a Sidecar. Mixing Cointreau with champagne Cognac that was bottled between 1830 and 1870, and some lemon juice. The bottles of cognac were World War II survivors, remaining at the hotel during the German Occupation.

3.Macallan Single Malt Whiskey - $4,000

Served at the Skyview Bar at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, this cocktail costs about $4,000. The 55 year aged single malt whiskey pours from a Lalique crystal decanter, and comes from one of only 420 bottles made. It's one of the priciest cocktails you will ever order.

4.Vegas's Ono Champagne Cocktail - $10,000

This cocktail is sold at the Encore at the grand Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and as with anything in Vegas it's sinful and over the top. The coctail is made up of Louis Xiii Black Pearl cognac with Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie, Sence rose nectar, apricot puree and fresh squeezed orange juice. Why so expensive. A bottle of the cognac goes for $90,000.

5.Salvatore's Legacy - $8,316

Created by infamous London bartender, Salvatore Calabrese, and holding the Guiness Book of World Records' most expensive cocktail in history record, the Salvator Legacycosts $8,824 for a glass. Each ingredient is over hundreds of years old; a 1770 Kummel liqueur, a778 Clos de Griffier vieux cognac, a circa 1860 Dubb orange Curacao and two dashes of Angostura bitters dating from around 1900.

6.Diamond Is Forever Martini - $22,600

Diamonds are not only forever, they are a girl's best friend. That's why you might want to shell out $22,600 for The Diamond Is Forever Martini served at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, Japan. A flawless one carat James Bond diamond is floated in child Grey Goose Vodka with a splash of lime.

7.Winston Cocktail - $12,916 per glass

Can you imagine paying almost $13,000 for a cocktail. Well, that's what you pay when you order a Winston Cocktail, created by Joel Heffernan, an Australian bartender. He named it after Winston Churchill. The cocktail contains two nips of 1858 Croizet cognac, which goes for $157,000 per bottle. This cocktail holds the record for the most expensive cocktail in the Guiness Book of World Records.


8.Legacy by Angostura - $25,000 per bottle

For the 50th anniversary of Trinidad's independence, we have a rum that sells for $25,000 per bottle. Released in 2012, Legacy by Angostura is a seventeen year old aged rum that is sold in a crystal and silver decanter. The bottle was designed specifically for Prince Charles by jewelers.

9.Dalmore 62 - $194,100 per per bottle

A sixty two year old Scotch, Dalmore 62 has sold for $194,100 and was auctioned off for $460,000 in 2012. It is well worth the investment with its value rising. There are only twelve of these bottles in existence, making it a rare find, if you can get your hands on it.


10.Diva Vodka - $1,000,000 per bottle

Diva Vodka is triple filtered, first through ice, then through Nordic birch charcoal and then through sand that contains gems. Maybe that filtering process is worth $1,000,000, because that's what a bottle sells for. The semi-precious and precious gems in the sand may be worth that much alone, who knows. The bottle it comes in has Swarovski crystals running through it.

11.Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne - $2,000,000 per bottle

You might be afraid to dribble even a drop down your chin when you take a sip of Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne. Ages for over one hundred years, every glass is worth thousands when the bottle sells for $2 million. Often called the DNA of Cognac, that would be one expensive toast where even the bottle is dipped in 24 carat bold and sterling platinum, with 6500 encrusted diamonds.


12.Ley .925 - $3,500,000 per bottle

Let .925 is the most expensive bottle of liquor in the world. Selling for $3.5 million, is was released in 2010 with 6400 diamond studs on the outside of the pure platinum bottle, it's not only a remarkable liquor but it comes in one of the most expensive bottles.


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