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Most Hilarious YouTube Comments

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:45 pm

1.Wasted Cracker

This commenter is hilariously funny in his take on this video. He comments on how children are starving and this video has food that is written on. Hopefully this was the only cracker written on, but starving children would probably eat it just the same. After all, don't kids eat dirt sometimes?

2.Schrodinger's Cat

This guy must have been inspired by Einstein when it comes to hairstyles. As the commenter pointed out, sometimes people just really look the part. It's weird to wonder whether they looked this way and were destined to become who they are, or if they dressed for the part they wanted in life.

3.Penny Pyramid

It's funny when people can poke fun at the themselves. Here this Jewish person is poking fun at their stereotype of loving money. It's hilarious how they say that this video about a penny pyramid is like porn to them. It might be true for some and that's even more funny.

4.1950's Housewife Takes LSD

This funny comment is in answer to a comment above it. Some people can be so clueless in life and they should really shouldn't put it in writing. The person, going by the name Pennys1, thought that people in the 50's saw the world in black and white just because television was black and white in those days.

5.Mustache Eyebrows

Another guy thinking he's all cool on YouTube, but he must not really look in the mirror. He seems to have misplaced his eyebrows, oh no wait, there they are. They slipped down his face stopping just above his mouth. Hilarious interpretation by the commenter, but once you read it you can't help but see it.

6.Cute Overload

This has to be one of the cutest animals you've ever seen. There's something about big eyes on a small animal that gets us every time. Advertisers know it too, that's why you see lots of puppies in ads. They just capture our attention and never ever let it go.

7.It's Not Easy Being Green ... or Black

A perfect comment that is really funny. Kermit sings about how it's not easy being green but green people were never captured and made to be slaves, green people don't have to sit at the back of the bus, and green people can date white people without a riot breaking out.


8.Forehead Mouth

It's hilarious when people take themselves so seriously on the internet, you just need to poke fun at them. This guy is giving that sexy eye look with a pout, but doesn't realize that his forehead is saying something else. The way it crinkles actually looks like a mouth, as this commenter pointed out.

9.Hippo Gets Explosive Diarrhea

Don't you just hate it when you search for something and you get irrelevant results? Then you click on the videos because the title catches your eye, such as this one, "hippo gets explosive diarrhea." How can you resist clicking on it? You can't. And when you do, you soon regret it, wishing you could get those precious minutes of your life back.


10.YouTube Apology

This is funny because no one apologizes when they are called on in a forum atmosphere. People will fight to the death, internet death that is, to prove they are right. In fact, some of the best chains in a comment section are when people get into fights. It's better than any televised debate you've ever seen.

11.Most Hilarious YouTube Comments

This hilarious comment is spot on. Some people talk with such slang it's hard for someone else to understand what they are saying. With texting came all kinds of short hand, not to mention different slangs in different parts of the country, and we now have new languages to learn.



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