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Most Loved Burger Toppings

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:14 pm


Guacomole really spices up a burger. A dollop of the Mesican favorite, takes your burger from just a burger to a vacation. It's funny what those avocados can do when mixed with some onion, tomato, garlic and jalepno. It's a taste sensation with it mixes with the succulent juices of the meat.

2.Thousand Island Dressing

Thousand Island dressing is what was always thought to be the special sauce used on a Big Mac, and we still don't really know. All we know is that it makes a great topping. Some restaurants offer it if you ask, and it really compliments the burger, especially those with cheddar or swiss cheese.


A mushroom burger is one tasty burger. You can choose to have them cooked or raw, the choice is yours, but the cooked mushrooms add such a zest of flavor, you've got to give it a try. Usually combined with onions and swiss cheese, it's a popular burger combination.


Mustard gives a burger an entirely different taste, and depending on what kind of mustard you use, the possibilities are grand. You've got your standard yellow mustard, then your Dijon mustard, honey mustard, horseradish mustard, and many, many more, all either mixing with ketchup or mayonnaise, or standing on their own.


Mayonnaise is not always on a burger, but it makes it special when it is. Sometimes mayonnaise is added with ketchup, mixing together to give you a taste sensation. It's quite a classier burger when mayonnaise is added as a topping. Some of the more finer restaurants offer it on their menu.

6.Dill Pickles

As far back as we can remember, fast good burger joints, such as McDonalds, Burger King and White Castle, always added one dill pickle slice to their burgers. The perfect ratio of burger to pickle to cheese to onion, is what set some places apart from the rest.


Bacon has had such a surge in popularity with foods you would never think of, including it in the recipe, or adding bacon flavoring. It's even in ice cream and cookies now. However, it always had a place on the burger, making that burger the king of all the other burgers out there.



The tomato has been sitting on burgers since burgers were invented. It's the piece de resistance. The cool tomato mixing with the beef juices, the melted cheese and any of the other toppings you may add. One giant tomato slice is usually the best way to go, the closer to the size of the burger, the better.


Onions add a nice crunch and loads of flavor to a burger. Whether you prefer a cheeseburger or a burger, onions are a favorite topping. Almost every burger joint offers onions either as part of it already, or on request. There are also choices from raw onions to grilled onions.



"Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce," used to be lyrics from a Burger King commercial back in the day. But, who would want to hold the lettuce? It's what gives it that crunch, the cold lettuce against the warm, sizzling beef. It's part of the whole burger experience to most.


Most people love ketchup on their burgers. We grew up with it that way and it just isn't a burger with a nice dollop of ketchup right on top. Some people even get extra ketchup and dip the entire burger, bun and all, into the ketchup to soak up that tomatoey goodness.



Who can resist cheese on their burger? That's what makes it a cheeseburger, and there are so many cheese to choose from. You've got cheddar, American, Swiss, Monterey Jack, and so many more. The cheese can change the whole taste of the burger, so choose wisely, it's a big decision.


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