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Most Smuggled Things In The World

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 7:07 am


Relics are sold for tons of money at auctions, and are often displayed in museums. Thieves often steal them and smuggle them out of the country to sell at a very high price. Precious stones, jewelry, statues, jades, glassware and antique coins are some of the more popular relics that are targeted by burglars to be sold on the black market.


Selling kidneys on the black market is a growing way to make money, but sometimes these organs are removed without consent. The victims wake up in pain and with a large scar ... and minus an organ. Ten percent of transplants use illegally gained organs without knowing it. Liver and corneas are two other popular organs that are smuggled.

3.Cell Phones

Cell phones are a hot commodity for smugglers, who smuggle them into prisons, sometimes in their body cavities, but the highest volume of cell phones are smuggled to other countries. Not wanting to pay duty for taking them out of the country, smugglers come up with curious ways to hide the phones to get past security and customs.


Some countries have banned certain DVDs, but that hasn't stopped smugglers from bringing those DVD's into said country and selling them at a high price. People are willing to pay whatever the smuggler asks because they are dying to see a certain film that they would, otherwise, not be able to get their hands on.


Everyone knowns that a certain amount of money being carried over the border needs to be declared. Well not if you smuggle it. But smugglers can get stupid with it, taping it to their backs, abdomens, thighs and more. This doesn't bode well at airport security checkpoints. Carrying over ten thousand dollars in or out of the United States is a crime.


Smugglers buy cigarettes in low tax places and then resell them in locations with high taxes, making quite a profit. the result is that counterfeit cigarettes are being made to counteract the low prices that smugglers are able to sell their illegal smokes for. Smokers who buy these counterfeit cigs end up smoking tobacco and filler, such as pesticides, rat poison and even human feces.


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8.Exotic Animals

Most animals that are smuggled die in the process. The animals are tied to smuggler's legs, put into pouches, suitcases or hollowed out books. The animals usually suffocate and die before they get to their destination. In 2013, 480 rhinoceroses were killed so that their horns could be smuggled on the black market.


Thousands of people are smuggled into more prosperous countries, such as the United States, each year. These people are not being taken against their will, but volunteered to be helped by the smugglers who often force them into small containers with little air. Many die from suffocation, or end up lost in the desert or lost at sea.



Minerals such as gold, iron, coal, chromite, colton ore, and precious stones, including emeralds are smuggled by mixing it with legitimate minerals. Twenty to twenty five percent of Afghanistan's foreign trade is through illegal mineral smuggling, with the Second Congo war being funded by these actions. Colton ore is a valuable commodity used in microchips to run cell phones.


Sixty billion dollars worth of weapons are smuggled each year, with 85% of crime in India attributed to smuggled weapons. Fifty percent of guns in the United States are smuggled in, and 65,000 illegal firearms were smuggled into Canada from 2006 to 2012. It's an epidemic that leads to terrorism.



Drug smugglers are known as mules, and they hide drugs in their bodies either by digesting them, or putting them up their butts. A very uncomfortable way to travel, but it is done, virtually undetected, every single day. Then there are those who try to smuggle bags taped to their backs, in their crotch and under their testicles, with not so great results.
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