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Most Amazing Hotels Around The World

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 11:46 am

1.Katikies Hotel, Greece

This is the kind of hotel that just makes you stop and think wow and it is very easy to understand why when you look at the view. Imagine just relaxing here and getting rid of all of that stress that has built up inside you and how perfect life would feel.

2.Attrap Reves, France

Yes ok so in this instance this hotel does look like one of those snow globes, but you are in the middle of the forest and at least you can then check out the scenery around you. There may not be much privacy, but for getting in touch with nature there is nothing better.

3.Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

It makes sense that if you have some amazing life under the water to make full use of it and that is what they have done at this hotel in the Maldives. Of course everybody knows it is brilliant for diving, but at least this way you do not have to bother putting on a suit.

4.Shangri La, Paris

If you are looking for an iconic view from a hotel, then is it possible to beat this view in Paris? Imagine going there for a romantic weekend and waking up to see the Eiffel Tower staring back at you.

5.The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

This has not been photoshopped because this hotel does indeed exist even though it is floating in the water. This is the kind of thing where it is all about luxury and relaxing because lets face it there is not a lot else to do apart from swim.

6.Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

This has to be one of the most amazing views that you will ever hope to see from a hotel room and it is pretty obvious as to why it is then so popular. This is the kind of thing you can only ever dream about, but if you go to St Lucia, then dreams can indeed become reality.

7.Giraffe Manor, Kenya

If you look at this hotel from the outside you might think that they took a traditional manor house in Scotland and just moved it to somewhere warmer. However, the big difference is that there are a lot of giraffes around and you have to get used to one sticking its head in from time to time.


8.Kumbuk River, Sri Lanka

Your eyes are not deceiving you here because there actually is an elephant shaped hotel in the world. Of course it is trying to tie in with nature and you are in the middle of the countryside, so if you are looking for some peace and quiet and somewhere different to stay, then this could be perfect.

9.Palacio de sal, Bolivia

You might be able to kind of work this out for yourself just from the name, but this hotel is made up entirely of blocks of salt that have been cut and used in the construction. Of course it helps that it is on a massive salt plain in the first place, but it is just amazing to see it.


10.Karostas Cietums, Russia

Well this hotel is amazing in that it is very, very different to anything else out there. It is in a former prison, but the entire idea is that you spend the night just like a prisoner, so forget about having all of the modern day luxuries as that is not going to happen, but you will still be comfortable enough.

11.Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth

This is probably going to sound exceptionally strange, but this is a sandcastle hotel and it was created on a beach in the UK. However, it only lasted until the next time it rained, so knowing the UK that was probably a few hours later, but for very little money you could fall asleep under the stars.


12.Tianzi Hotel, China

You probably did not need any help in working out that this hotel is in China because surely just its appearance is enough? However, putting all of that to one side you have to agree that it is very different to what you are going to be used to and that is a good enough reason to consider staying there.

13.Marmara Antalya

This hotel in Turkey is completely different to what you expect when you first see it. The reason as to why it is different is due to the fact that it actually rotates and it means you can get to see all of the different views from the hotel without moving yourself.

14.The Mirrorcube, Sweden

Well this hotel is very, very different because it is a cube in a tree that is surrounded by mirrors. The idea is that it blends into the background since it reflects what is around it, so there is no doubt that this is extremely different.

15.Hotel in the desert

As you can see this is in the US and it is pretty cool to think that you are in luxury, but at the same time in the absolute middle of nowhere. Imagine lounging in this pool surrounded by this scenery and how it would be a vacation of a lifetime.

16.Igloo Village, Finland

OK so you are in the middle of a forest in Finland and it is covered in snow, but life is not that bad is it? This hotel is actually very, very cool and those igloo pods are nice and snug that you forget how absolutely freezing it is outside.

17.Bali Hotel, Bali

This hotel is all about location and you have to say that it is going to be difficult to beat this view. Imagine waking up in the morning and being greeted by this. Life would just feel perfect.

18.Undersea Lodge, Key Fargo

If you feel that water is quite calming, then how about this lodge in Key Fargo, USA where the rooms are underneath the water. Here you can wake up and watch the fish swimming past you and even though at first it might throw you a bit, it is certainly very relaxing.

19.Ascher Cliff, Switzerland

You have to admit that this hotel is pretty different since it seems to just cling to a cliff face with a huge drop next to it. However, just imaging the views you are going to get as it looks down the valley.

20.Whitepod, Switzerland

OK so this works better in the winter, but you have to admit that the hotel here is pretty cool, in more ways than one, and the views that you get from it are stunning. Yes they are little pods, but they are cozy, comfortable, and you also have your own ledge to sit out on.

21.Dasparkhotel, Austria

This is seen as being an eco-friendly hotel and you can kind of see how when you consider that it is in a giant concrete pipe. Sure this may not be seen as absolute luxury, but if you are looking for something different, then this may very well be the thing.

22.Four Seasons, Bora Bora

If you are looking for a hotel that is in paradise and trying to picture it in your mind, then this is probably the kind of image that you will come up with. You have to admit that it is absolutely gorgeous in every conceivable way and it would certainly leave you with some amazing memories.


Well this hotel in Germany is certainly very different as you are basically living in these small, old caravans inside a building. This is something that takes some time for you to get your head around as there is just something strange about it although it is also quite amazing.

24.Costa Verde

You will find this hotel in Costa Rica and clearly if you have an absolute love of planes, then this is the ideal hotel for you. OK so there is going to be limited space, but at the same time at least it is going to be a new experience for you.


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