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Most Awaited Mobiles In 2014

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:55 pm

1.LG Nexus 5

This is the latest collaboration between Google and LG and considering how successful the Nexus 4 was it does mean great things are expected with the Nexus 5. It has a 5 inch HD screen, and 8MP camera, and of course the latest and greatest Android operating system.

2.Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This is a phone that is trying so hard to become a notebook at the same time and it almost achieves it with this latest model. It has a bigger screen, a better processor, and basically just using it is going to prove to be so easy that you wish they had brought it out earlier.

3.Huawei Glory 4

This phone may be relatively inexpensive, but that does not mean that it is going to let you down with how it works or what is in it. Instead, you get a 4.7 inch screen, it comes with 1GB of RAM, and it also has an 8 megapixel camera and you will be impressed by what it can do.

4.Blackberry Q30

This mobile phone is undoubtedly for the people out there that still love to use that QWERTY keyboard. However, this time it comes with a touch screen, which is 4 inches big, so it means you do not feel that left out and you still have the comfort of that keyboard.

5.Blackberry Z50

This is their latest touch phone and they will be hoping that it can really turn around their fortunes as they have been struggling of late. It has a 5.2 inch HD screen and they say it will come with their most powerful processor and operating system to date, so it should be good.

6.HTC Butterfly 2

They say that this phone will have a 5.2 inch HD display and that it is also going to be waterproof. There are few details available as to the specs that will come with it, but its predecessor was well provided for, so do not expect this newer version to be any different.

7.LG G Flex

How cool is this phone from LG? Yes it is actually quite flexible and this alone is going to make you want to own one. It is fast, it has the latest Android system, the colors are bright, and you know that since LG are making it that it is going to also be reliable.


8.Nokia Lumia 929

At this moment in time it is only rumors that this phone will indeed exist at some point. They say it will have a 20MP camera and a large screen and there are rumors of it being in an Incipio case and considering Microsoft are now involved in Nokia it does make for an interesting phone.

9.Iphone 6

Even though this has not exactly been confirmed by Apple, they have also not denied the existence of it either. Apparently they have been working on a bigger screen than usual and you know that they will just tweak a few things here and there and that it will always sell in huge numbers.


10.Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Well the reasons as to why this phone is one of the most anticipated for 2014 are pretty obvious. This phone, as you can see, also doubles as a digital camera complete with a powerful zoom and it is just another way in which Samsung are trying to break new ground in this market. How well it will work is a bit of a lottery at this moment.

11.HTC Mini M4

Apparently this phone is not too dissimilar to the HTC One and they both have quite a lot of the same specs. However, they have lowered the price of this model, so it does mean that more people will be able to see what HTC are all about and why they are viewed as being one of the best manufacturers out there.


12.Sony Xperia Zu

They say that Sony have been working on making this the toughest smartphone to have ever existed and that it will be capable of withstanding quite a lot of punishment. It is being viewed as THE phone to own in 2014 complete with its 6.4 inch screen, 2GB RAM, and 16Gb of storage.


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