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Most Awesome Taxis

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:55 pm

1.German Technology?

You might not get there that fast depending on how fit your taxi driver is, but this German taxi can sure get you around. Powered by bicycle and hard work alone, its size is both nifty and slim enough to get around traffic quickly.

2.Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Want to impress your friends while getting there fast? Then hire the Lamborghini taxi, they are more popular than you think. Plus, the garish yellow taxi color is one of the Lamborghini most traditional colors.

3.Lazy Days

No transport list would be complete without a donkey, one of the oldest methods of transportation. The donkey ride found in Spain is a leisurely ride that promises the scenic route. We can almost hear the lazy flies buzzing around him!

4.Colorful and Quick

If you are looking for quick colorful and noisy then Pakistan has the best looking taxi ride there is. Each taxi is painstakingly painted and cared for before being proudly offered as a ride to the public.

5.Traveling Romance

Some taxis leave an air of magical romance or at least gentle peace that lingers for hours. A gondola is another great water crossing taxi and another awesome taxi on our list.


Going for the short haul along Durban's beach front in South Africa? Then this Rickshaw taxi could be your best option. These guys can pull heavy weights and run quite fast. Beware of their little rest periods which include letting you go back to the ground as they swing in the air on the handle bars.

7.Tripping Taxi Ride

This well pimped out ride is indeed a limo taxi, but this time the music and lights could make you think you are on a brief psychedelic trip. Complete with bar and TV and luxury fittings one might be tempted to hire this taxi all night?


8.Tough Ride Taxi

People always speak of the London cab driver. The whole experience is such fun at times. Consider this dude from Kenya. The trip could be more fun than any other taxi considering the roads are not that great and you could be chased by chickens and livestock on the way.

9.Super Luxury Taxi

If you want to step up boat taxis a notch or two this supersonic capsule travels faster than a regular car and is very luxurious inside. We do wonder at how much the fare is though?


10.Aussie Boat Taxi

Some taxis travel across the water and even the sea! This speedy motor boat taxi only takes passengers across water and is comfortable to boot.

11.Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Feel like being treated like a film star? It is all so easy with this super long limo taxi complete with very attentive chauffeur. It might be just a few moments until you are back to reality, but depending on how long your journey is and how deep your pockets are it could last for ages!


12.Chinese Sheep Taxi

Can you imagine a sheep pulling you along as a taxi? Well this is a nifty taxi found in China. The sheep has been decorated with flowers and tissue paper as this taxi owner has pride in his work!


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