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Most Common Phobias

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:46 am


A real fear of failing is called atychipobia. This can cause people to give up even trying something new in case of failing.


This is a fear of untidiness, mess or disarray. The ph0bic feels real panic when they see things are not neat and tidy.


Being afraid of the dark is a very real ph0bia and can even effect adults as well as children. Some people use a little night light or leave a light on in the home to feel better.


A fear of thunder and lightening is another common ph0bia. The reasons as to why this is the case are numerous, but will be linked to the childhood and a bad experience with it.


Mysoph0bia is a fear of dirt and germs. This can cause a person to wash their hands over and over in the day. Or to avoid touching public objects such as bathroom taps and other objects.

6.Social ph0bia

Social ph0bias are very common, but can be debilitating. People suffering from this ph0bia become very aware of themselves and other people and find the thought of being judged or spoken about is enough to stop them even going out again.


A terror of injections and needles is called trypanoph0bia. Most people just avoid injections as opposed to actually dealing with the ph0bia.



Ophidioph0bia is a fear of snakes. This can be a fear that in nurtured in one's culture for example. It can relate to upbringing or even personal experiences of snakes.


Cynoph0bia is a fear of dogs. The terror normally is created by a real life event such as being attacked by a dog in childhood for example.



Agoraph0bia is a feeling of not wanting to be trapped, being unable to escape from a situation. Crowded places or even open spaces can trigger an attack. Agoraph0bia is often linked to panic disorder and panic attacks. There can also be individual triggers like restaurants or shopping centers. This can bring on a panic attack.


A fear of heights is another common ph0bia shared by many. The name for a fear of heights is acroph0bia. Strangely enough some people do not feel this fear when they are flying, which of course is much higher than any building.



If you are finding it hard to even look at this photograph you could suffer with arachnoph0bia. That is a fear of spiders. This is probably the most common or well known ph0bia. The severity level of ph0bias do differ from just hating spiders to being terrified of them. ph0bias can cause sweating, racing heart and a paralyzing terror.


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