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Most Creative Billboard Ads

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 8:57 am


A simple reminder of what can happen to tailgater's. This really shows the impact that a billboard can have and how it can be used to put across a serious message.

2.Clever Idea

Hopefully your nose hairs are not as long as telephone wires. This is a great example of a billboard using things that are already around and it and things that the advertising company cannot change.

3.Bigger is Better

This stuff is so good we need it by the ton full clearly! Obviously the person behind this advert is a creative genius because how many people would think of producing something like this?


This is a great example of 3D genius when it comes to a billboard design. It just manages to really bring everything to life and there is no doubt that it will catch the eye of people walking past.

5.Super Cool

No one said a billboard has to be on the side of the highway right? This is a completely different form of advertising that takes it right to the people that are most likely to want to know more.


Okay! So how do they keep the bubbles floating? Is this like some strange magical billboard that can do tricks before our very eyes?


This is the actual size? Wow you'd need some jaw slack to get that lot down. How big is the napkin that goes with it?


8.Attention Grabbing

If nobody notices this ad then perhaps they need glasses or an eye transplant? It really is huge and it does what it is intended for, it grabs your attention.

9.Solar Kind Of

Getting peoples attention to focus on a billboard has become tougher, but the advertising companies simply get the tougher people out with new ideas. This is just a brilliant concept.



Dare we consider which ways they were thinking of earning money? How do you think the advertising executive managed to put this idea across to their bosses?

11.What Were You Thinking?

A billboard designed to grab the attention of passers-by. One wonders what some people were thinking though?


12.Full Monty

Attention grabbing and successful advertising. This billboard says it all. You just hope that they stop at this point and do not go any further for the sake of everybody driving under it.


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