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Most Dangerous Foods

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 9:52 am

1.Hot dogs

You are probably wondering why hot dogs are included here, but they have been shown to be a choking hazard probably because of people trying to push them into their mouth as quickly as possible. In other words, as long as you are sensible and eat like a normal person, then there really should not be any problems whatsoever.


If eggs are off or not cooked properly, then you are at risk of all kinds of bacteria and the chances of you developing food poisoning are going to be very high indeed. This can then become a major problem if your general health is not so good and of course that does not take into account the fact that people are allergic to them as well.

3.Raw meat

Raw meat does of course contain all kinds of bacteria and you could easily develop food poisoning relatively quickly. For a healthy person this would just become an annoyance, but for people that are not that healthy in general there could be all kinds of issues going on here if they do not cook their meat properly.

4.Stone seeds

The problem with stone seeds is that they are a choking hazard, so you do need to be very careful because people have actually died from these seeds. It does mean you need to stop trying to eat as quickly as you have been doing and be sensible as you do not want to die on a nectarine.


With shellfish the main thing you need to watch out for is that you are not allergic to it and sadly a lot of people are, but they are not made aware of it until they have some kind of a reaction. How severe this reaction can be is difficult to say, but there are people that have ended up in hospital as a result, so do be careful if you are unsure.

6.Rhubarb leaves

How could these leaves be dangerous? In actual fact they do contain toxins that are poisonous and can have an impact on your breathing and could, for some people, lead to kidney issues and ending up in a coma. That is why they are always chopped off and never used for anything.


This is the national fruit of Jamaica, but it is also potentially dangerous. You need to make sure that it is actually fully ripened before you do anything because it has toxins in it that could be released leading to all kinds of health issues that could potentially be deadly for some unlucky people.


8.Live octopus

The problem here is that it can easily get stuck in your throat if you do not know how to chew it correctly and obviously this is something that you want to avoid happening. Of course you need to be a bit mad to eat live octopus in the first place because it is not exactly the most pleasant looking dish in the first place.

9.Puffer fish

This is a delicacy in Japan, but just one tiny piece of the wrong part of the fish and there will be a lot of problems and you could possibly die. This is why it takes a skilled chef to chop it up and it takes a lot of years of training so you can eat it without any fear whatsoever.



Berries look nice, but in actual fact a lot of them will cause you a lot of health problems, and potentially kill you, if you pick the wrong ones. Do not be fooled by color or anything else because the best thing to do is to stick to the likes of strawberry or raspberry just to play it safe.


The problem with peanuts is that it does appear to be the case that a lot of people are now allergic to them and that has become an issue. What happens is that people can go into shock and it will have an impact on their breathing and if you know that you are allergic to it, then it could potentially be deadly.



The reason why mushrooms are included in this list is because of the number of varieties that are out there that can actually poison humans. You need to really know what you are looking for before you go and pick them and never just think that because they look nice that they will be fine as that is not the case.


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