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Most Famous Hotels Around The World

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 10:34 am

1.Andaz West Hollywood

This used to be called the Continental Hyatt House until it changed names recently and when it comes to hotels in Los Angeles it has to be one of the most famous. This is a place where you may see some stars hanging around, but then you should forget about them and just enjoy the experience of staying there yourself.

2.Flamingo, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is swamped with famous hotels and the Flamingo is just another example. This is a hotel where you cannot help but love everything about it and of course you are right there in the middle of Las Vegas and everything that it has to offer you.

3.Hotel Chelsea, New York

This is widely regarded as being the second most famous hotel in New York and it is certainly one that is well worth a visit if you cannot get into the Waldorf. It may not feel as over the top as the Waldorf, but then that is quite a good thing really for some people.

4.The Peninsula, Hong Kong

This has to be one of the most famous hotels in the Far East and if you are going to Hong Kong, then do try to get a room here in order to add to the experience. This hotel has everything you need in a city that is chaotic and crazy, but at least your stay will be absolutely perfect.

5.Hotel de Paris, Monaco

If you love style and elegance, then this is going to be the hotel for you. This is like something out of a James Bond movie, but then that is probably because it is from a movie and at least you can experience it for yourself and see what all of the fuss is about.

6.The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

This is another hotel in Las Vegas that most people have heard about and that really is saying something considering how many hotels there are vying for your attention in just one single city. It is big, it is not too brash, at least by Las Vegas standards, and generally speaking you will love it there.

7.The Fairmont, San Francisco

This is the kind of hotel where you venture in and you are just taken aback by how gorgeous it is inside. The great and the good have all stayed here and you can really understand why when you check it out for yourself, but do remember that it could be difficult getting a room due to how popular it is.


8.Wynn, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a number of famous hotels, but the Wynn hotel is probably the most famous of them all. This hotel is what Las Vegas is all about and you have to admit that it does do that balance between classy and fun quite well, so if you are in the area, then do check it out.

9.The Ritz, Paris

If you are looking for somewhere romantic, then how about the best hotel in the most romantic city in the entire world? The Ritz is very famous indeed and it is easy to understand why that is the case when you see what it has to offer you because even just pulling up outside is an experience on its own.


10.Burj al Arab, Dubai

Even though this hotel is not that old it is already one of the most famous hotels anywhere in the world. This has taken luxury to an entirely new level and that is saying something consider where it is located and the competition that it has to deal with.

11.The Waldorf, New York

This is the most famous hotel in New York and it is easy to see why when you check it out for yourself. This is classy, you feel as if you are being treated like royalty and ultimately it is going to just be a wonderful experience staying there for any period of time.


12.The Ritz, London

If you are looking for a classy traditional hotel in London, then it has to be The Ritz. Even if you cannot afford to stay here you need to check out the high tea because that alone is a wonderful experience. This hotel is so good and you only have to think about the famous people that have stayed here over the years.


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