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Most Obese Countries In The World

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 11:27 am


Nauru has been dubbed the fattest country in the world. With nearly 90% of its population being obese. This is a staggering number. When working out statistics one has to keep in mind the size of the population verses the obesity rate. Also to which demographic this is applied. Nauru has a relatively small population in comparison to USA for example. So there statistic although shocking does not account for such massive numbers across the USA being overweight. The industrialization of Nauru has been blamed, this means limited access to food and their food being highly processed foods.


In the past the healthy Mediterranean diet Greece follows kept them healthy, this included olive oil and fresh leafy vegetables. Today though, the country has succumbed to fast food, and eats mostly burgers and pizza.


Close of the other's tails is Hungary with a 19.5% obesity rate. It appears that obesity and being overweight is an international plight. The main causal factors appear to be, poverty and decreased earning power these days. Fast-food, lack of exercise and bad choices.


Iceland is also featuring on the map in terms of obesity. With just over 20% of their population being obese.


Bad cooking methods, working mothers and a culture of eating has contributed to this populations 22% obesity statistic. This photograph could, therefore, just be a typical daily scene.


Shockingly over a fifth of Irish children are obese. There have been a few factors causing this increase. Too many video games, computers and television as opposed to playing and impoverished households. It was found that more affluent children were less likely to be obese. A fifth is still relatively small considering that 98% of the children were not obese, but is still alarming. Poverty can bring with it, lack of food choices and the filling up on bread and potatoes syndrome.


Canada is falling well below the United Kingdom, Australia and US. With 'only' 27% of their population as being obese.


8.United Kingdom

Close on the countries topping the ' Most Obese Countries In the World' is the United Kingdom. It would seem that 70% of the Scottish female obese population has sought out weight loss surgery in 2013. Interestingly while a bulk of the population remains overweight a smaller portion suffers eating disorders and anorexia. The Government blames the unhealthy body image women have due to social media as well as lack of knowledge about food and healthy bodies. Stick thin seems preferred instead of fit. New campaigns have started in order to try and reduce the media's bad influence on female bodies.

9.New Zealand

With a population of 27% as obese and a huge population as overweight, New Zealand is almost on a par with Australia. Both it appears are vying for top place on the obese list.



Shockingly over 60% of the entire population is overweight. With 30% being obese. With the larger population bordering on overweight and obesity this could make Australia the most obese country in the world and America could get a break from being number one on these lists. The government is looking into its weighty problem and have for attributed lack of activity and over-eating as the main causal factor.


Mexico follows quickly behind USA as having one of the highest obesity rates. The reason? Soft-drinks. Mexicans drink 46 gallons of soda a year on average. Poverty and other bad choices are attributed to their 30% obesity rate. 

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The USA is still fighting for top place in the obesity stakes despite understanding that most obesity is caused from bad habits, take-outs and not informing our children about better eating habits. They remain tops with a 34% obesity rate. Interestingly obesity fluctuates between states and race groups. Poverty also affects obesity rates as sub standard food is used in households to 'fill people up'. If America should be first on this list then check out Australia as a close contender.


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