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Most Popular Exotic Fruits

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:30 pm

1.Dragon fruit

This fruit is sweet to the taste and the pulp itself is also rather creamy. It is certainly a nice fruit to eat, but it does look rather strange on the outside and perhaps this is what is putting a lot of people off giving it a go although it is crazy to do that as it is actually very nice inside.


The lychee is very high in vitamin C and it is something that you are starting to see appearing in more supermarkets on a more regular basis. It is a bit like a grape when it comes to the texture, but the taste is certainly quite pleasant and you can understand why more people are buying them as soon as you give them a go.


Even though it may look horrible and disgusting there is no doubt that more people are enjoying passion fruit. This fruit is so adaptable as you can eat it as it is or add it to drinks, puddings, and even make ice cream out of it. You will see it in most supermarkets now and it is also not that expensive either.


This is the biggest fruit from a tree in the entire world as it can actually end up weighing as much as 80 pounds. This is the national fruit of Bangladesh where they absolutely love it although when it comes to the actual taste of it, then it is seen as being quite starchy, so it may not be to your own particular tastes.


This fruit is from the Amazon and it is not only popular as a fruit, but also as a wine when it is fermented. It is full of vitamins and the only difficult part is trying to get rid of the red scales on the outside to get to the rather lovely tasting fruit on the inside.


This fruit was first brought to our attention by Mark Twain and it is said that it tastes like a cross between a banana and a pineapple, so it is not only exotic in how it looks, but also in how it tastes. This fruit has moved on from being grown just in the Andes to being spread throughout various countries thanks to its increase in popularity.


This is a small fruit from Asia, but it is now starting to make some in-roads in the US after it was introduced to Hawaii a number of years ago. You need to make sure that they are ripe because if they are not then you are going to be hit with this real sour taste whereas when ripe they are perfectly sweet and an absolute delight to eat.



This fruit is described as being sweet and peachy by different people and there is no doubt that it does look a bit different as can be seen here. It is highly prized, so of course it comes with a hefty price tag, but if you can afford it, then this is certainly one thing that you want to experience in your life.

9.Miracle fruit

This primarily comes from West Africa and the reason as to why it is called a miracle fruit is because it takes something sour and makes it taste sweet. It does this by playing around with your taste buds, but it only tricks them as it does not change how it hits your stomach.



This is a fruit that actually grows out of the tree and it is commonly found in large parts of Brazil. The inside is kind of like a grape and indeed you can make wine and various other alcoholic drinks from it if you wish to do so. The only thing is once it has been picked you do need to act quickly as they start to go off in next to no time.


This may not look very much, but it is a fruit that you are starting to see a bit more of on the shelves even though it may not be in vast quantities. They are a bit like a tomato with their appearance and indeed you can use them to make a pasta sauce as the tastes is not too dissimilar either. They are native to the Americas, but are now exported all over the world.



This fruit is originally from the Malay peninsular, but it is now grown in more parts of the world due to the increase in its popularity. It is a bit like a grape in the way it tastes, but it is undoubtedly delicious and that is why more people are now giving it a go.


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