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Not Being A Parent Can Be Quite Good

Sunday, Aug 15, 2021, 9:43 am

1.Your makeup is safe

Considering how much you probably spend on it, you should be glad that there are no kids since it does mean that your makeup is safe. Can you imagine how annoyed you would be if you saw this scene before your very eyes?

2.You can watch TV better

The good news is that you can watch TV better as there will be no interruptions or another human being sitting right in front of it blocking your view. You can also watch what you want and do not feel pressured into putting on something that only they will find entertaining.

3.You can have pens

You can have pens around the house and know that they will be used for the purpose that they were designed for in the first place. However, if you have children, then you know that they can make a mess with them just like this.

4.No wetting on you

A baby has a habit of just relieving itself whenever it wants and if you are changing it, then you can be in the firing line. Your clothes are, therefore, going to be safer when you do not have a child as there will be no changing required.

5.No changing is required

Is it not cool to think that there is no need to do any changing? You will never have to prepare yourself for what lies in store and that in itself is a good reason not to go ahead and have any children.

6.Things won't get stuck in the toilet

When a child suddenly understand the concept of a toilet and how to flush it you will often find that they try to dispose of various things down there. A clogged toilet is very annoying, so at least by not being a parent you never have to deal with that.

7.No need to deal with feeding

A child can be very difficult when it comes to food because they can like something one day and then hate it the next. At least without a child you no longer have that stress to contend with and can eat what you like and when you like.


8.No chewing of objects

There will never be any point where you wonder what they are chewing on to then find it is either a part of them or some other strange object. At least with their toes they cannot choke on anything, but it does save you from keeping an eye on them all of the time.

9.No crying in the night

Imagine the peaceful sleep you will be able to have if there is no child to sit there crying all night? It is also the uncertainty of never knowing if they will do it or not, but without a child there is no need to worry.


10.The walls are as you like them

Imagine how fantastic it would be if you could just have the walls in any style or color you want and know that no child is then going to draw all over them. There just seems to be a fascination to use the walls like a giant canvas, so you can easily avoid that by not being a parent.

11.You do not have to worry about keeping paint away from them

We know how difficult paint can be to come out of things, so knowing that you can leave tins lying around is actually really cool. Imagine if you left them out and something like this happened. How would you feel now?


12.You don't have to toilet train

It is great knowing that you do not have to bother toilet training anybody and also not cleaning up the mess when it all goes horribly wrong. Not dealing with this is one of the biggest pluses of not having a child.


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