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Not So Cute Easter Bunnies

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:02 pm

1.A demon bunny

This bunny just looks demonic and you expect him to run away with the child at any minute. You would think that if you made these costumes you would check that the eyes were not that evil looking?

2.He has facial hair?

This is scary because it looks as if this bunny has facial hair going on and anyway his face is just very strange indeed. The girl is sitting there quite happily, so that is also something that should concern us.

3.A poor attempt

This bunny is just a poor attempt and that does mean that he cannot be cute in any way, shape, or form. It is a miracle that the little girl is cuddling him at all with the way that he looks.

4.It's pink??

This bunny is scary because of the color scheme that has been used because it makes him appear as if he is radioactive or something. Sure he may have a friendly face, but apart from that he is actually quite freaky.

5.Too bloody

Hopefully they keep this bunny away from children because there is no way you could have a child sitting on there and hope to get a good photograph. The one thing you can say is that there has been a lot of work put into it.

6.He looks drunk

This bunny actually looks quite drunk and that is certainly not a good look to have. No wonder the child is looking scared because she can probably smell the alcohol off his breath.

7.An adult would not sit there

The one thing that you have to say about this bunny is that even adults would have second thoughts about sitting there on his lap with the way he is looking. You would not trust him with yourself, so why would you trust him with your kid?


8.It's in the eyes

There is no doubt that it is all in the eyes with this bunny and if the boy could look behind him there is no way he would be smiling and laughing. This just looks very, very scary and it almost looks as if it is possessed.

9.It's just a head

This has to be one of the worst bunnies you will ever see in your life because it is just somebody that has put on a strange head with ears. There is so much wrong with this that it actually does not need any further explanation.


10.Not much of a bunny

This is not much of a bunny, but then that is what helps to make this version so scary. Would you trust him to look after your child? If you are a good parent, then the answer is a big fat NO.

11.Get away!!!!

This bunny is scary as the poor little girl is trying to get away, but they have grabbed her and just trying to pull her back in. No wonder she is terrified with this going on.


12.Will it eat her?

The question here is whether or not this Easter bunny is going to eat this little girl as it certainly seems to be something that is on his mind. How did they ever think that this would be seen as being cute?


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