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People Being Nasty With Statues

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021, 10:19 am

13.Uh Oh!

Don't be fooled by those little angelic cherub stone statues, they can get super vicious. We wonder what he did wrong?

Uh Oh!-People Being Nasty With Statues

14.Hmm! Maybe Not

Perhaps a whole new genre of porn will emerge from all this statue fun? It probably isn't a good idea to do it on a grave stone statue though. It just lacks respect somehow.

Hmm! Maybe Not-People Being Nasty With Statues

15.What is Good for the Goose

Before you go dissing humans for their strange statue molestation behavior, don't forget that statues do it too. You never know what they are capable of doing.

What is Good for the Goose-People Being Nasty With Statues

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