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Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 2:31 pm

4.Off balanced? say cheeze!!

So you just got off balanced, huh? well, let me take the pic first, this photo really makes me laugh as well as makes me feel sorry for that lady, it would have been a hard time saving her from falling down i guess....

Off balanced? say cheeze!!-Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

5.The perfect goal in the hole

Next time you take a pic while your or someones's kid takes a shot for the golf ball take precise care because you might be the goal. I appreciate the perfect timed pic the guy took but what haunts me is how much it would have hurt, oh well, let's pray he is fine and safe

The perfect goal in the hole-Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

6.He belongs to the CAT family proved

Cats are worshiped all over the world for their stupidity, arrogance and annoying behavior but this hilarious cat seems to be photogenic and gave the right pose with his close relative at right time..

He belongs to the CAT family proved-Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

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