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Pics Of Girls Doing Insane Things

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 9:32 am

1.Where is the hose?

This one is clever since the hose is well hidden although maybe there is no hose and we are all having a joke played on us? We hope and pray that this is not the case as that would be one impressive stream.

2.Henry is happy

There are two smiling faces here. One if the woman on the right and the other is Henry the vacuum cleaner and can you blame him? However we all know that she loves the vacuum for other reasons and maybe that is not a good thing?

3.I'm getting it close

This is worrying because she really does have no idea what she is doing and that gas is going absolutely everywhere. Surely she has seen it being done before? Has she led such a sheltered life that filling up the car is completely new to her?

4.In the sink?

OK so parties can be busy and it can be difficult trying to get to the toilet on time, but surely there is a better alternative than to pee in the sink? The fact that she is finding it funny and appears to be quite happy to have been caught like this does suggest alcohol is involved.

5.Yes this is on the Internet

You can imagine these girls thinking that this would have been funny at the time, but then when they realize it has spread around the Internet they probably have a different opinion. On the one hand it is funny, but on the other hand it has to be embarrassing.

6.This has to get stuck

Surely this icicle has to end up sticking to their lips and they are there until it eventually melts? Surely nobody in their right mind would want to do this? Have they not seen Dumb & Dumber?

7.Even worse than standing in the trash

This is even worse than standing in the trash because this girl is lying in it with just her feet sticking out. You have to consider hygiene and everything here, but clearly those thoughts never entered her mind.


8.Standing in the trash

There is absolutely no way that you can explain what is going on here in a logical manner because there is just no logic to anybody standing in the trash can. Is she trying to prove a point? Is her GPS acting up? We really do have no idea whatsoever.

9.Get back in here!!

So this woman is trying to get some sun on her butt and decides to half dangle out of her window in order to catch some rays. Has she never heard of fake tan before because they can be quite good now and they are certainly safer than doing this.


10.Watch out for trains

Oh yes this is clearly a good idea because everybody dangles their legs over the edge of the platform in the subway. Well if a train comes along she is in trouble and even though it is a posed photograph it is still mad to publish it.

11.Posing by a crash?

So you have just flipped your vehicle on a busy road and what do you do? You get out and take a snap as if you are on vacation. This has to be one of the craziest things you will see just for the sheer stupidity of the entire thing.


12.You will scare them away

This is one of those things where you wonder why she thought that this would be a good idea. The sad part is that Photoshop has not been used at any point, so there is a woman in a field squatting like this.

13.Ingenious, but mad

So, erm, if you have a bottle of alcohol would it not be better to just drink it from the bottle rather than going to all of this trouble? The alcohol is just going into the same place, but you are doing something that is completely uncalled for and totally pointless.

14.Wait until they are open

This woman we so desperate to get to the shops that her head forced its way through the doors of the bus before the doors were ready to open. This is dedication for you, but surely it had to hurt in some way?

15.Twerking and tongues

Yep this is something that could be classed as insane when you consider the backlash that started after she performed this act on stage. OK it got people talking about her, but not in the way she wanted, so for that reason we can class it as being insane.

16.Just, why?

So why would you plan on doing this to yourself? This girl has put her face under the dryer and the result is that she now has a face like one of those cheap blow up dolls. Erm, we only know that from pictures of them online of course.

17.Luckily it's chocolate

How desperate for chocolate must you be to go ahead and do this in front of a crowd of people. Yes this girl has decided to writhe about the floor in chocolate like a hippo wallowing in mud, but hey she is happy.

18.This has to end badly

This is one of those images where there is no other option but for it to end badly, but how badly is something that we will never know due to the bottom part being hidden from our view. The look on the face is, however, probably accurate.

19.Those are for kids!!

Somebody please tell this girl that those swings are for kids with smaller butts. Imagine how embarrassed she must have felt when she got stuck and the entire town turned out to see her being set free.

20.Help I'm an idiot!!

OK it is a bad shot, but then it was caught on a camera phone, but you still get the point and see how stupid this woman must be for getting into this position. Did she go to hang up clothes to dry, but realized she was still wearing them or something?

21.How did you get in there?

Well this just looks impossible because how did she manage to get stuck in there in the first place? At what point in the day do you look at that and think about how cool it would be if you climbed inside it? Boy she must have been seriously bored.

22.How did she get there??

This is one of those moments where you just look at it and struggle to understand what must have been going through her head when she went out there in the first place. Just look at the drop behind her so it is no wonder she is not looking down.

23.Fun, yet disgusting at the same time

This is the kind of thing where at first it looks funny, but then looking back on it they will wonder what the hell they were doing especially now it is all over the Internet. However, it looks worse for the girl who is drinking it than the one providing the liquid.

24.Cooling off?

OK so maybe she is trying to replicate the Marilyn Monroe scene, but somebody should tell her that it did not involve a fan. This is just crazy to try this at home because boy could it go horribly wrong.


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