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Pics That Will Melt Your Heart

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 1:28 pm


A mother comforts a son after the Alabama tornado in 2011. This is just a moment of togetherness even though they are surrounded by so much devastation.


A Japanese Tsunami survivor is overjoyed to be reunited with his dog. You can see how much it means to him to be back together with his faithful companion.

3.Brave Kid

John F. Kennedy Jr as a boy at his father funer@l. The way that he ended up saluting just managed to really grab at the heart strings of so many people and that is why it has become such an iconic photograph.

4.Sudden Shock

A Monk prays over an elderly passenger waiting for his train but sadly passed away. It teaches us that death can strike at any moment, so we need to enjoy life when we can.

5.Modern Life

A radiation victim in isolation says hello to her dog through a screen. You can only imagine the anguish that she is feeling at that moment in time as she can get so close to her dog, but not able to actually touch it.


Vikki Ougan the original inspiration for the cartoon Jessica Rabbit, taken 1957. Sometimes it is just the beauty of an image that gets to you.

7.Flower Power

A protester for peace stands and places flowers in the guns of army men, during a Vietnam protest. It shows guts and determination to stand there like that and stand for what you believe in.


8.Tank Man

A man stands up against four tanks during the Tienanmen Square Protest. This has to be one of the most iconic photographs to have ever been taken as it managed to sum up so much feeling in just one single image.


Mount Vesuvius explodes and is captured on camera by World War II pilots. This just acts as a wonderful reminder of how powerful nature is and that she can throw things at us at any moment.


10.Hurricane Katrina

Two Hurricane Katrina survivors hold hands once rescued. This shows how terrible events can pull people together no matter their age, sex, or color because the entire thing is all about surviving and helping those less fortunate than yourself.

11.Japanese Tsunami

A baby is miraculously found days after the Tsunami, Japan. This is all about miracles and nobody could fail to not be touched by this rescue of a baby that knows absolutely nothing about the ordeal it has just been through.



This image shows Harold Whittles hearing sound for the very first time. The look on his face just makes this absolutely priceless because there is just this sense of wonderment written all over him.


The earth as seen from Apollo 8. What this image shows is that you do not have to include human beings to have an image that can pull at the heart strings.

14.Heart Breaking

A chaplain gives last rites to a dying soldier in Venezuela. This is one powerful image to look at as it tells you so much about human nature.

15.Unreal, Ariel View

This shows a knock out round between Ali and Williams in 1966. In one image it manages to show you the brutality of boxing with one guy lying there out for the count while the other side celebrates.


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