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Poisons Used To Kill People

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 3:51 pm


Said to be the most toxic poison on earth Dioxin is more deadlier than even arsenic or radioactive poisons killing a person instantly. This is something that should not be messed with unless you want to make sure that you or the other person is not going to survive.


Used by Saddam Hussein's secret police and the KGB this poison is tasteless and odorless. death takes a few days whereupon sickness is seen then death. It is often attributed to other causes.


Found in the seeds of the nux vomica tree, strychnine was also a popular poison to use to kill people. Today it is still used a lot in order to kill vermin and that is of the rodent kind and not the bad human kind.


Arsenic certainly was the poison of choice since no traces of it could be found in the body after death. That is until the Marsh test arrived. Now arsenic is detectable as a 'murder' weapon it has lost popularity.

5.Botulinum Toxin

This deadly toxin finds it way into the body by eating contaminated food. death is certain and does not take very long. The very same toxin is used in botox.


Interestingly cyanide is found in many substances around the home. Including cigarette smoke, apple seeds and even almonds. It was long a favourite poison used to kill people since it could easily could be blamed on a simple domestic poisoning.


It is interesting to note that mercury is used in all sorts of things including thermometers which we place in our mouths to take our temperatures. This type of mercury is called Elemental and is only dangerous if inhaled. The other types of mercury include those found in batteries which is called inorganic mercury. Plus, organic mercury which is found in fish. High levels of it found in tinned fish can cause health problems.



Polonium is a radioactive killer than can kill up to 1.5 million people over a period of short months. There is no cure or antidote. death is not fast but rather lingering considering the toxicity of the substance.


Two creatures carry this poison. One being the puffer fish and the other the blue ringed octopus. The blue ringed octopus has a painless bite and it said to inject enough poison to finish you off quickly. The puffer fish is only deadly once eaten since they do not bite you. Some expert chefs remove the poison effectively and the fish can still be eaten.



Belladonna is Italian for beautiful woman. The main reason being is that belladonna was used by females in the middle-age's for cosmetic purposes. Strange to think that if you eat ten of these beautiful berries you will be guaranteed to be shortly deceased.


Aconite is poisonous even if touched. Once deceased their are no traces left the person would appear to have died from asphyxia. This makes it a handy poison to use in order to kill people.



Who could believe this flower that is indigenous to South Africa and Europe. Eating eight leaves of this plant will result in certain death. The ancient Greeks killed off their prisoners by using Hemlock. It works by shutting down the nervous system and then halting breathing.


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