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Popular Brand Logos And Their Real Meaning

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:05 pm


OK the only way that this could be more accurate if it was more about a movie nerd because of course you can find out all kinds of information about movies just by going to this single site. For a lot of people this is going to be rather boring, but for some this is better than anything else that exists anywhere on the Internet.


Ok so you could apply this to any type of cigarette, but it does just tie in beautifully with the name of the brand in this instance. This is the kind of logo that really does speak the truth no matter how harsh that truth may be.


This logo is quite sad to see because when it was launched MTV was such a cool channel. Instead, it is now full of shows that require no intelligence and you do wonder what is going on with the people that run the channel if they think that they offer value for money.


Yes we all love how McDonalds tastes, but we also know that it is not exactly good for our health. The problem is the fat, salt, and sugar content is too high, so if you eat it on a regular basis it does mean you are at an increased risk of developing something such as diabetes when you are older.


There is this idea that if you are middle aged, male, and own a Porsche, then you are going to be a bit small in the bedroom department. For some reason there is the belief that owning this car results in a penis extension being built, but then perhaps the actual penis is the one behind the wheel.


We all know that Apple make cool things, but then we do also pay through the nose just to have something with their logo on it. The result of this is we are indeed paying for how it looks because there are other people with the same technology that charge way less.


If Carlsberg did logos, then you can be sure that they would not choose this one. The problem with beer is that it really is full of calories, and when you take their own logo you can see how it is easy to change it into this one to reflect the true nature of the drink.



This logo is so, so good because the problem with Amazon is that you go on there and before you know it you have spent all of your money and you are now broke. This is the problem when you are the biggest single marketplace on the Internet with everything you have ever wanted because you just get addicted to buying.


How apt is this logo for Facebook? It is made even worse by the way in which people can see everything you do, unless you understand how the privacy settings work, so it does give people the opportunity to stalk you. It is also not helped by the crazy things that people put on there either.



How often have you got to YouTube and ended up seriously frustrated at the way that a video will just stop working at random points and for no apparent reason? There are so many things on there that it is impossible to also get off the site, so you fail in doing anything else thanks to the stupid things that people post.


Everybody is going to have run into problems with Windows, so this logo would probably be closer to the truth for them. We all tend to love it at first, but then we get viruses and things crash and it becomes a bigger and bigger pain in the butt.



If you have ever dealt with UPS, then you will understand how this has to be their actual logo. Yes they may get things to you fast, but you also just have to hope that it is actually going to get to you in the first place as nothing is guaranteed.


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