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Popular Solar Powered Things

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 3:59 pm


There are now some solar notebooks out there for sale and once again they make a lot of sense because how often are you annoyed when you see that the battery is running out when you have something to finish and you are nowhere near any power supply? This is something that will undoubtedly become more popular as we get busier in our lives.

2.Street lights

Solar powered street lights make a lot of sense because it will save a lot of money and help the environment at the same time. Clearly the light that it receives during the day is more than enough to power it when it gets dark, and you do not have to worry about it being stuck on when something goes wrong.


One area that is certainly becoming more popular is the idea of solar powered vehicles. The technology may be a bit cumbersome at this point, but with us getting better at it there is no reason to doubt that we could indeed be driving solar powered vehicles ourselves in the very near future.

4.Wrist watch

A solar powered wrist watch has been around for quite some time and indeed it was there in the earliest days along with the calculator. The best part is you do not need a lot of cells to generate the power itself, so why worry about a battery for a watch when you can use light instead.

5.Air conditioning

Solar air conditioning is certainly a fantastic idea because if you are in a part of the world where air conditioning is required in order to keep cool, then you are not going to have a problem with the amount of light that is available. The only thing to focus on is the size of the solar panels.


If you work outside and love to listen to the radio while doing so, then a solar powered radio is certainly going to be a good idea. Just think about it. There is no need to worry about batteries or plugging it in and it generates more than enough power for you to continue listening to it no matter how long it is switched on for.

7.Power chargers

There are now more examples of solar power chargers and this is ideal for items such as cell phones and your MP3 player. They may not charge things as quickly as the normal versions, but if you are out and about and need that extra boost of power, then this is the perfect solution.



There are a number of toys out there, such as remote control cars, that use solar power and as long as you have the weather that means you can play outside, then it can save you a small fortune in batteries. They do work just as well as any other toy and it certainly does not impact on the enjoyment of playing with them either.

9.Water fountains

A solar water fountain does make a lot of sense because they are outside anyway, so they are always going to get a lot of light that will then be able to power them. They are also not that more expensive than the normal fountains either, so it is certainly a good idea to consider buying one.


10.Water heaters

Using solar power in order to generate hot water is certainly something that is being used more often as a way to gradually reduce the power bills as these systems do end up basically paying for themselves over time. They are very efficient and they do actually work, so if you want to help the environment, then this is the ideal solution.


That good old calculator is solar powered as you can see by those little squares that appear on the front of it somewhere. This is something that has sold in its millions and it will continue to do so as we all need them at some point in our life.


12.Garden lights

This is something that has really become a lot more popular in recent years as the use of solar powered garden lights is not only useful, but also very attractive at the same time. It can really help to brighten up that garden at night and they are also very cheap to buy, which is always a bonus.


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