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Real Life Superheroes With Incredible Abilities

Friday, Jun 26, 2020, 6:13 pm

1.Lauren Kornack

Twenty two year old Lauren Kornack saved her fifty two year old father when he was pinned under his gar in their garage. Summoning super human powers, she lifted the two thousand pound car off his chest, saving him from being crushed. She then performed CPR on him, saving him.

2.Christopher Knafelc

Chris Knafelc doesn't wear a superhero outfit, nor does he go out looking for crime, but he is a superhero nonetheless. One day when waiting for a train in Philadelphia he witness a man step off the platform and land in the tracks, just inches from the high voltage lines. Without hesitation, he jumped on the tracks and saved the man.

3.Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones, dressed in black and gold, has been protecting the city of Seattle, Washington for a few years. In that time he has chased down car thieves and has gone after a stabber, detaining him long enough for the police to arrive. He is a no hold barred, true superhero.


New York City is a big city where a lot goes on. Life is one of the most well known superheroes, wearing a fedora and tie, he doesn't look like most superheroes. Carrying a bag of soap, toothbrushes and food, he works to help the homeless, while fighting crime as it arises in the city.


One of the only female superheroes, she began protecting the streets of Kansas City at the age of sixteen, before moving to New York City. Helping the homeless, she is on the lookout for criminals and any offenses against the citizens of the city. Nyx took her name from the Greek goddess who was the ruler of the night.


In Rochester, MN, there is a superhero named Geist. A white collar worker by day, but a true superhero by night, working at night to stop vandals and burglars from committing crimes in the city. An advocate for the homeless, Geist helps in every way that he can to feed the hungry and provide warmth for those sleeping on the streets.

7.Crimson Fist

Crimson Fist is one of the smallest superheroes, but maybe one of the fiercest. At five feet, six inches tall, he spends his time guarding the citizens of Atlanta, Georgia. It only took him hours before he was rescuing someone who was being attacked in a dark alley, saving them and making a name for himself in the city.



Zetaman is out on the streets of Portland, Oregon every night with his steel baton and 30,000 volt taser, looking for citizens in need. To date he has never used his weapons, but is not afraid to if the need arises. Building a name and reputation for himself, criminals steer clear.


This superhero in Clearwater, Florida calls himself, simply "Superhero." The ex-professional wrestler watches over the city in his 1975 Corvette, helping stranded motorists and others in danger. As the co-founder of Team Justice, Inc., he assembles other real life superheroes in the United States, like the fictitious Justice League from the comics.


10.The Statesman

The Statesman is another superhero who wears red, white and blue on his shirt, tucked into black pants. He makes it his mission to protect Birmingham, United Kingdom. The banker goes after drug dealers and burglars with his state of the art gadgets and light torch. Not sure what to make of him, he is effective in warding off danger.

11.DC's Guardian

Dedicated to his country, DC's Guardian protects the streets of Washington, D.C., and as he does so, he hands out copies of the Bill of Rights as well as the nation's constitution. Dressed in red, white and blue, with his face entirely covered, he wants everyone to put themselves in his shoes as their own hero.



Protecting Vancouver, Canada, Thanatos helps people living on the streets. The sixty three year old took on the role after the police told him that homeless people only have death to look forward to. Thanatos is the Greek word for the personification of death, and he has his job cut out for him.


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