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Real Giant Bugs

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:55 pm

1.Elephant Beetle

That is a fully grown adult hand and on there is a giant elephant beetle. These guys can grow to almost five inches in size, so you can think about your reaction if you saw one of them moving towards you because the chances are it would not be one of the best experiences of your life. Instead, you would do well to just run away due to the fact that a beetle of this size does indeed exist.

2.Giant Camel Spider

The part that scares people about this spider is that it can get up to six inches long, but they cannot run at up to 10mph on land unlike what the urban myth is telling you. However, this is one ugly spider to look at, but at least it does not have any venom even though it is disgusting, so that alone is better than you may have initially thought.

3.Japanese Giant Hornet

Hornets are never the most popular of bugs, so imagine how unpopular this guy would be due to the sheer size of him? He really is quite horrible to look at and ultimately you would just want to kill him as soon as possible or run as fast as you can to get away from him. This is one bug you just do not want to see in real life.

4.Atlas Moth

When it comes to the actual surface area, then this is the biggest moth in the world and you can kind of understand why when you look at this photo. You are going to find this huge guy in south east Asia and China, so at least if you live in North America you can sleep easy knowing he wont come in through your window during the night.

5.Giant Walking Stick

This particular type of stick insect can actually grow up to 20 inches long, so imagine how you would react if you came across this guy somewhere? The thing to remember is that they are harmless even though they do look quite freaky and you would understandably panic as soon as you set eyes on him.

6.Tarantula Hawk

OK this is a wasp and it can indeed take care of a tarantula, so that alone makes this not only a giant bug, but a freaky giant bug. Their body can actually be up to two inches long, but you have to admit that if this was flying around in your room you would struggle to deal with your emotions and start trying to kill it in various ways.

7.Chinese Mantis

This guy has that balance between being cool to look at, but also creepy at the same time. He can grow to over four inches long, but at the same time you just know you will run for miles if he landed on you when you were least expecting it. This is a giant bug only in length because when it comes to the width he is nothing special.


8.Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

This is quite rare as it is a giant bug that is not completely horrible to look at. The colors on this giant moth are quite cool and ultimately it is something that you could probably look at quite happily unless he was flying towards you as that would probably lead to you freaking out.

9.Giant Weta

This is another one where you hope that their hand is very small to compensate for the size of the bug, but sadly you know that is never going to be the case. They are ugly, they are huge, they are not going to bother you and will leave you alone, but ultimately you are still going to freak as soon as you come across this big guy all on your own.


10.Giant Waterbug

Not only is he huge, but he is also very ugly to look at as this picture shows. People think that this is some kind of beetle or even a cockroach, but no matter what you think it could be you have to admit that you would freak out if you saw him. This guy is as big as 4 inches and can be found in North America.

11.Goliath Birdeater

Do not try to argue that this is not a bug because surely it just deserves to be on there thanks to the sheer size and scariness of this spider. This is actually the largest species of tarantula in the world and it can have a leg span of 12 inches and could just about sit on a dinner plate without falling off.


12.Titan Beetle

When you look at this image you just hope that it is actually the smallest child in the world as that will somehow make this beetle slightly less frightening as a result. However, in actual fact this is the biggest beetle in the world and it is easy to see how you would struggle to find anything bigger as it can actually be just over six inches long.


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