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Real Life Mermaid

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 1:21 pm

1.Found in Florida

Another fake Mermaid washes up on the shores of Florida. Some people must be bored because surely there is a lot more that you can do in Florida than make all of this up?

2.People Believed This?

Another photograph from the Animal Planet Documentary. Which reportedly was based on how Mermaids would look if they were around. Again, people took this all seriously. It was said the Documentary failed to mention these were actors.

3.Vague and More Vague

This blurry vague photograph was submitted as a Mermaid sighting. It could of course be a dolphin, a whale, a Sea Lion, a bunch of seaweed, a human it could in fact be anything?

4.Washed ashore?

Another fake body of a Mermaid washed ashore. She certainly has amazing hair for a person or fish? that spent her entire life in the sea? The lengths some people will do to prove a mythical creature is real is astounding.

5.Feejee Mermaids

Another rather ugly specimen claiming to be a Mermaid of days gone by. These are termed Fejee Mermaids and again are fake.

6.An Art Piece

Possibly the ugliest Mermaid yet? This Mermaid caused quite a stir when she was found and after being sent to the University of Lincoln it was found she was nothing more than an 'art work'. Made from iron and string.

7.A Vague Webbed Hand

This is reportedly a photograph of a mermaid swimming by and lifting her hand up as though to touch the photographer. Hoaxers will go to any lengths it appears to prove true a mythical creature.


8.Wow! Look at The Face

Mermaid hoaxing is not a new concept. This sea lion was made up to look like a Mermaid. By using various props and add-ons. The head and face kind of gives it away. In those days though photography was not as clever and there was no photo-shop.

9.Old Fish Bones

Another hoax. This was supposedly a fossil like find of a mermaid from days gone by. A lot of hoaxes were man-made and consisted of animal parts and fish. Then the faces sculpted by various media.


10.Mysterious Mermaids

This Ariel view was a rare shot of a mermaid on a rock according to Animal Planet. It just goes to show that even reputable Documentaries by reputable media reporters should be looked at tongue in cheek.

11.Slightly More Intricate Hoax

By all accounts this is probably a more sophisticated hoax. This skeleton was 'found' with web type feet by this scientist. Turns out the original picture showed a skeleton with normal feet. The feet have been photo shopped.


12.Old Hoax

By all accounts this fish type human is what a mermaid is all about. A humans head, arms and face with a fish body. This 'Mermaid' is reaching out to its mother it seems!

13.Scary Mermaid

This Mermaid was washed up on the coast of Malaysia. Mouth open, eyes bulging. Not exactly the picture of the beautiful mystical mermaid we have in mind.


Mermaids are part human and part fish, as seen by this strange object. A face of a human and the body of a fish. Weren't mermaids supposed to be beautiful?

15.Elegant Mermaids

Animal planet launched a show about Mermaids and claimed that mermaids were in fact real. What the program failed to mention was that all of the images were in fact actors or mock-ups of how they expected Mermaids to look if they were real.


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