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Rude Christmas Gifts/Items

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 1:29 pm

1.Grow A Girlfriend

Men are always trying to hook up their other single male friends with women. This gift puts a spin on the once popular blow up doll. It's highly unlikely that any guy would be happy to receive a 'Grow A Girlfriend.' Even if this 'doll' does grow to be six times its size, it still won't be life-like or even resemble a real-life human being.

2.Push-Up Bra

Women love receiving lingerie and tasteful undergarments for Christmas. However, if a woman receives a push-up bra from her guy, she'll think her body is not good enough for him. Boyfriends of the world, if you give your girlfriend a push-up bra for Christmas, don't forget your pillow when you sleep on the couch that night.

3.Depend Diapers

Some people can't control their bladder as they age. If a person is dealing with this issue, they probably don't want anyone to know about it. Even though Depend diapers are extremely expensive, it should be left up to the person wearing them to purchase a pack. It's embarrassing to sit there on Christmas morning and open a pack of diapers in front of everyone else.

4.Teeth Whitening System

We all want to have perfect teeth that are as white as snow. Unfortunately, that can't happen without a little help. Giving someone a teeth whitening system, of any kind, is extremely rude. Even if the person has teeth as brown as a piece of chocolate, this isn't the type of gift you give someone, unless they ask for it.

5.Gym Membership

Losing weight and going to the gym should be a personal choice. If a person is battling with their weight, the last thing they need is a reminder from an outside person. While giving someone a gym membership seems like a thoughtful gift, it's rude and not wanted, especially at Christmas time.

6.Say No to Wine

Giving someone this Christmas card is a surefire way to ensure you get punched in the face. The card pokes fun at someone who apparently doesn't know when to put down their glass of wine. Having a glass of wine every now and then is fine, but when people are giving you items magnifying the problem you could have, that's not a good sign.

7.VD Pillow

Everyone has had at least once Christmas where they received a disappointing gift, but this is a crazy level of disappointment. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, but receiving a gift like this will turn your Christmas into a Halloween nightmare. If you give someone a pillow like this for Christmas, don't be surprised when they turn around and beat you with it.


8.Hair Club for Men Membership

Scheduling a hair or scalp analysis for someone else, for Christmas, is just tacky. Hair loss, especially for men, is a touchy subject. Not everyone wants to discuss how they went from having a full head of hair to looking like a bald eagle. If calling The Hair Club for Men, pops into your head this Christmas quickly dismiss the idea. Pills

The only acceptable bottle gift at Christmas is one that contains wine. Gifting a bottle of diet pills to someone is the wrong way to go. Not only is it rude, but it's also intrusive. Weight-loss pills can be a hit or miss. diet pills don't agree with everyone and some can have harmful side effects if the person is allergic to an ingredient in them.


10.Cooking for Dummies

No one wants to eat burnt or bland food. If the person in your life can't cook, but thinks they can, giving this book to them as a Christmas gift could end that relationship. This is one of those gifts that you leave on the dining room table in hopes that the person it's intended for accidentally peruses through it.

11.Odor Eaters

Some items should never be given to someone on Christmas, or for any holiday. Odor Eaters are an extremely popular stocking stuffer at Christmas time. The item is for people who have sweaty, and sometimes smelly, feet. This is not the kind of gift you give a loved one, especially if they're in denial about their foot condition.


12.Farting Santa

An item like this wouldn't even make an immature 10-year-old boy happy on Christmas morning. This novelty Christmas gift should be left in the store. No one wants to hear a human pass gas, so hearing a stuffed object is no better. Not only Is this gift completely useless, but it's ugly too.


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