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Safest Airlines

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 10:01 am

1.All Nippon Airways

This Japanese airline has never had any deaths on its hands and it makes it one of the best airlines in the world at least from a safety point of view. It is perhaps no surprise that a Japanese company is going to be up there as one of the safest as they are known for their technology, so if you get the chance to fly with them, then take it.


This German airline has had one plane destroyed and two deaths, but even that is not too bad when you think about all of the flying around that they do. They have been in operation since 1955, but they are now one of the biggest companies out there, so you can feel nice and relaxed stepping into one of their aircraft.

3.British Airways

British Airways have only ever lost one plane and that is impressive stuff when you think about the number of flights that they undertake on a daily basis and considering they have been flying since 1919. They are a massive company and it does give you some confidence with flying with them when you discover that they have such a good record.

4.Virgin Australia

This Australian branch of the Virgin empire are certainly the best out of this particular brand and they are fully deserving of being on this list of safe airline companies. They do tend to have the latest aircraft and they have had no problems whatsoever when it comes to safety, so no surprises that they are as popular.

5.Hainan Airlines

This Chinese airline has a brilliant safety record even though at one point they may not have had the best planes that were available. They have been flying since 1993 and are responsible for ferrying around a lot of people every single year, so to have a perfect flying record really will mean a lot.

6.TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal were created in 1946 and since then they have flown a number of flights to various destinations. They too have had no problems since they started flying, so they really do deserve to be on a list of the safest airlines in the world thanks to that single fact.

7.Eva Air

This airline is in Taiwan and they are seen as being the sixth safest airline in the world even though they have been flying since 1991 and had no issues whatsoever. This is due to the number of flights and the distance they travel, so of course there would be less of a risk at this point.



Etihad are of course flying out of the Middle East and as like the others that have already been mentioned they have had no deaths and no lost planes. However, they have only been flying since 2003, so that is why they appear in fifth place on a list of the safest airlines in the world.


This airline is seen as being the fourth safest in the world and as like the three above them they have had no planes destroyed and nobody has been killed in a crash. However, they are in fourth place because they have only been flying since 1985, but even at that it is still an impressive record that they have there.


10.Cathay Pacific

This is of course a major airline and it has also never had any planes destroyed or deaths since they started flying in 1940. You can only imagine how many passengers they have handled in that time and to have never lost a plane really is quite amazing and they do deserve to be seen as one of the safest airlines in the world.

11.Air New Zealand

The only reason this this airline is not ranked the safest is simply because they have not been flying as long as Finnair, so basically being younger plays a part. However, apart from that they have not had a single death and no crashes and as like before that is undoubtedly rather impressive.



This Finnish airline is one of the safest in the world as they have had no deaths and no planes destroyed in their existence. This is absolutely stunning when you stop and think about it and even though they may not be a name you know you have to remember that they fly in horrific conditions during the winter.


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