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Scary Dating Confessions

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 9:40 am

1.Back into the friendzone

Well this is awkward, but there are times where you suddenly discover that the friend zone is actually the best place to be and that the relationship that you have with someone is never going to be anything more than that. This is going to be one difficult conversation.

2.How must she feel?

How must this worker feel that now her boss is the wife of her previous boss who she has been dating for the last couple of years. Would you find it difficult looking her in the eye and pretending everything is fine or would you find that exceptionally difficult to do?

3.This is complicated

The one thing that you have to say about this is that it is a complicated situation. It sounds like the plot of some TV series with us having to watch to see how it unfolds before our very eyes.

4.Married and unknown

Well imagine dating somebody and finding out that the reason why he stopped calling was because he was away getting married. You would feel terrible and understandably so, but what a douche bag the guy is.

5.How are you dating him?

The question here is how you can be dating them if you have never met them. That just seems to be something that is unable to work because surely you need to have at least been together in person even just going to the movies for it to count as dating?

6.This is being over cautious

Well, talk about being over cautious with things because who in their right mind would go to the extent of running background checks on people before they start to date them? That just seems like doing far too much work for something that may not work out anyway.

7.Why are you embarrassed?

The question here is why she is embarrassed in the first place as it just does not make any sense whatsoever. What is going on inside her head that is making her feel so ashamed that she does not want to be seen with him?


8.Poor communication

Imagine being with somebody for two years and they still do not actually know the truth about you. That is quite scary because surely they should be able to notice things like this especially after such a long period of time?

9.At least she is honest

The one thing you can say about this is that at least she is honest in why she is dating him in the first place. The only problem is that she has probably not told him about it and of course he is going to be upset if he ever finds out.


10.This is just creepy

This is seriously, seriously creepy and there is also a pretty good chance that there have been some illegal things going on. If this just sent a shiver down your spine, then you are a normal human being.

11.Why let your past bother you?

The part that is strange here is why they would allow their past to ruin this existing relationship. Surely this guy deserves a fresh start as the past has nothing to do with him?


12.You need better movies

Imagine stopping dating somebody because you do not like what they have listed on their Netflix account. That is very shallow to say the least unless it was something very, very bad at which point you can quite understand it all.


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