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Simple Home Remedies For Pimples

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 9:56 am

1.Cabbage leaves

Get a few cabbage leaves, mash them, and then rub the juice on the area that has been hit by pimples. Make sure that you leave the juice on the area for at least 30 minutes before giving it a good wash and you should at least feel as if there is a difference in the way that your skin feels.

2.Aloe vera

You can use either part of an aloe vera leaf or even the gel that is available and rub it on a pimple. You are advised to do this the very minute you feel as if a pimple is starting and if you are using the gel make sure that it is as pure as possible.


Get some fresh mint and rub it between your fingers until you get some of the juice out of it. Rub this juice over the top of the pimple and allow your skin to just absorb it. This should, by rights, reduce the irritation and swelling around the area in a short space of time.

4.Apple cider vinegar

If you can stand the smell, then all that you need to do is to put some on a cotton wool pad and rub it on the area. Leave it there for 20 minutes before rinsing in order to get rid of the smell and repeat a couple of times a day if required.


Honey is a natural antiseptic and it is something that just loves to tackle pimples. Rub some honey over a pimple before you go to bed and leave it on overnight, but of course put a bandaid on to prevent sticking to your pillow. All you then need to do is rinse it off in the morning.

6.Rosewater and lemon juice

This mixture is fantastic for pimples because both of the ingredients will do their own thing in helping to improve the pimple situation. The rosewater is calming and soothing while the lemon juice is drying and is an astringent, so it is actually quite a powerful solution to apply.


OK so this smells a bit, but garlic is pretty amazing at helping to cure all kinds of things including pimples. Get a clove, mash it up, and then apply it to the area and leave for 20 minutes, but do just remember to wash off the smell or it will annoy the hell out of you.


8.Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a pretty amazing thing and you should consider buying some and applying it to a cotton wool pad and rubbing it onto the pimples. This is a natural astringent and there should be an improvement in the state of your pimples pretty quickly.

9.Orange peel

Smack the orange peel into submission and put some water on the pith side before putting it onto the area of the pimples. For some reason this seems to ease the discomfort and swelling around the area and there should then be a noticeable difference in next to no time.


10.Dried calendula and castor oil

This works because castor oil actually dries your skin while the calendula part soothes your skin and reduces the redness in it. Mix the two of them into a solution and apply like a face mask to the area that is giving you the most cause for concern.

11.Green tea ice cubes

Make some ice cubes using green tea and apply them to the blemish. This is going to reduce swelling and irritation and make your skin feel so much smoother with the pimples becoming a thing of the past.


12.Lemon juice

Get some lemon juice and squeeze it onto a cotton wool pad and dab it onto the affected area. There are properties in lemon juice that will basically suck out that build up of oil in the skin and this will, in turn, lessen the blemish.


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