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Some Favorite Fruits And Vegetables And How They Are Grown

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 11:35 am


As you can see the pistachio starts off life being quite colorful. It does end up growing in bunches like this, but then we end up breaking it up in order to get to the nut where it just ends up being the same color as everything else and becoming quite boring.

2.Brussel Sprouts

You know those small round green things that make you pass wind on a regular basis? Well this is how they are grown. As you can see they come on long stems with loads of them growing on the one plant and this is certainly different to how most people view them.


The cucumber does need some room to grow because it needs the height off the ground to make sure that its development is not stunted. It can grow along the ground, but that just increases your chances of something going wrong.


The pomegranate grows in much the same way as the apple, so you can expect to see it on a tree in little clumps like this during the growing season. You do need to have a warmer climate in order to get them nice and ripe, but overall there is nothing that strange about how they are grown.


The cashew nut is very strange to look at as you can see here. In actual fact it looks like a pepper of some description just hanging there and this is certainly something that you would never have guessed how it looked unless you were given clues.


That drink that you need in the morning in order to get started actually begins life looking like this. Now be honest here would you have been able to draw it starting off like this if you had been asked? Probably not, but boy is it tasty when it is turned into a drink.


This is quite deceptive in that the avocado ends up hanging there like an ornament on a Christmas tree and you would probably have also expected them to grow in bunches. They just look as if they would hang so delicately there.



As you can see the walnut does grow differently to the peanut and the chances are that this is how you would imagine them to have been. The way that it is revealed from this shell just seems far more natural.


OK so having the watermelon supported in this way is entirely optional, but at the same time you can see how it actually make sense considering the weight that ends up in the fruit. You wonder how that stalk can support it all on its own as it does seem to defy the laws of physics.


10.Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit can grow in bunches like this, but it is also common to train the plants to grow over the top of you to create this kind of kiwi tunnel with a roof. This just makes it easier to access the fruit and pick them when they are ready and gives them the space that is required to grow.


There is a pretty good chance that you had no idea that this was how pineapples were grown as they do just sit there in pride of place in the middle of the plant. However, they are juicy and exceptionally tasty, so does it matter how they are grown?



If you thought that peanuts grew on trees, then you are wrong. Instead, they appear at the roots of the plant and thankfully they are in those shells to keep them all clean and edible.


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